Internet industry development roadmap in 2020 gradually clear the application period

by:HMB     2021-01-16

a pipe shaft manufacturer has learned from the ministry, and other channels that from 2018 to 2020, our country will be based on 'on deepening & other; Internet + advanced manufacturing & throughout; Industrial development of the Internet, guidance 'and other guidance document, accelerating industrial construction, development and application of the Internet.

it is understood that since 2018, our country will be on the basis of promoting the transformation and upgrade of industrial enterprise Intranet, in the field of industrial gradually deployment of IPv6, narrowband Internet of things ( NB- 物联网) , software defined network ( SDN) , 5 g and other advanced technology, and thus form a mature industrial Internet applications and production system.

, the ministry said in 2020, our country industrial Internet platform system preliminary formation, is expected to be built around 10 across industry sectors and geographic areas, to support the digital, networked, intelligent manufacture enterprise platform; By 2020, our country will also be used for promoting the development of the Internet industry, cultivate 300000 industrial APP for a specific industry, particular scenario, 30 m enterprises to promote application of industrial Internet platform to carry out research and development design, production, operation management, etc. At the appointed time, industrial Internet platform for industrial transformation and upgrading of the basic, supportive role will initially revealed.

it is reported that our country will take the lead in the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, electronic components, and other enterprises to promote the corresponding network upgrades and technical application, at the same time around the numerical control machine tools, industrial robots, large power equipment in key areas, such as intelligent control, intelligent sensor, industrial-grade chip integrated innovation and network communication module, help enterprises to form a series of networking, calculation and optimization function of new type of intelligent equipment and intelligent of the production process. The industry generally believe that, once the industry can rapid application of Internet technology, the industry will be smoothly into the era of intelligent manufacturing.

ministry of reading documents, Internet industry is to realize the people, machines, main body and the design of workshop and enterprise, research and development, production, management, service and so on each link in the industry of total factor on the basis of Internet, is an industrial intelligent & other; The circulation of the blood system & throughout; , is the realization of the global supply chain system and the enterprise production system precision docking, product lifecycle management and the premise and foundation of intelligent service. Therefore, for the development of the Internet industry in China attaches great importance to, and issued a series of industrial Internet application and development of policies and measures.

at the end of 2017, the State Council formally issued by the 'opinions', explicitly pointed out that the development of China's Internet industry innovation capability, technology industries and fusion applications to achieve the international advanced level. In addition, the advance of Internet protocol version 6 ( IPv6) Scale deployment plan of action, and other policy documents in the field of manufacturing industry and the Internet, also for the development of the Internet industry applications, made a more detailed arrangement.

it is important to note that in the near future also The General Office of the State Council jointly with the letter department of guangdong province and shenzhen, surrounding industrial Internet platform construction, the system of intelligent companies such as huawei, tencent, China field investigation, examine the relevant enterprises in the scene, algorithm, data, products, services in the areas of industrial technology innovation and application of the Internet.

, according to people familiar with the next phase of the State Council and other authorities will launch a series of special research, and is expected to experience of related companies, further promotion in a larger scope.

at present, the Internet industry become the manufacturing and the new trend of development of the economy is a global consensus. Market consultancy Yole Development forecast in 2020, the global industrial Internet use special sensor is expected to more than 30 billion; Industrial explosive growth in Internet access equipment Numbers, access to scale to 2. 6 billion, 2015 to 2021, the number will more than 10 billion, realize the compound annual growth rate of 25%.

in 2012, the first to put forward American GE company of the concept of the Internet industry forecasts, Internet is expected to impact the future industry 46% ( About 32. $3 trillion) The global economy. The Internet industry in China is also a huge market space, according to estimates by the ministry and the relevant authority, in the next 20 years, China's industrial development of the Internet can bring about $3 trillion GDP growth, at least for manufacturing industry upgrade and provided huge development impetus to sustained economic growth.

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