Industrial robots patents in China has been more than 90000 pieces

by:HMB     2021-01-16

intelligent equipment is the core of advanced equipment, is the foundation of the forefront of manufacturing equipment and manufacturing, has become a target, the advanced industrial countries competing manufacturers an important development direction and depth of industry and the important embodiment of informationization and industrialization and the development of intelligent equipment industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, improve production efficiency, technology level and product quality, cut down the consumption of energy resources, and realize the intelligent and green development of the manufacturing process is of great significance.

industrial robots, as one of the main intelligent manufacturing equipment of advanced equipment, along with the advance of intelligent manufacturing technology, the application fields of industrial robots rapid expansion, at present, the main application field for China's industrial robot for the automotive, electronic appliances, rubber, plastics, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

patents over 90000 pieces of control system of main body

according to data, until July 2017, China's patent/application in the field of industrial robot has reached 95247 pieces, the enterprise of the applicant for a patent accounted for sixty-five percent, college applicants nineteen percent. 8, ten percent individual applicant. 8, three percent of scientific research. 0, authority group zero percent. 3.

control system as the core of the industrial robot system, for different types of robots, the control system is put in bigger difference, also play a key role on the performance of the robot, to a certain extent influence the development of robots, data show that China's industrial robot applicant technology is accounted for more than a higher control system, thirty-eight percent; Followed by driving mechanism, thirty-two percent; The third is the mechanical noumenon, accounted for twenty percent, followed by to perception system, accounts for ten percent, thus, control system is the main body of a patent for invention, is an important area of concern the applicant for a patent.

3 c industry achieve rapid growth, structural adjustment of downstream applications

in recent years, with the rapid development of industrial robots, continue to expand, the industrial robot application field data show that in 2017 China accounted for the industrial robot application field case, the auto industry is still a major field of application of industrial robot followed by 3 c electronic electrical industry, accounting for twenty-seven percent. 65; Then respectively for metal processing, plastics and chemicals, food and beverage, tobacco, accounted for ten percent. 76, seven percent. 85, two percent. 27.

in the field of application, of handling pallet accounted for thirty-seven percent, thirty-four percent, welding assembly respectively, spraying and subsequent polishing grinding area, accounts for sixteen percent, six percent and two percent than distribution.

industrial robot sales steady growth, the Chinese market prospects

since 2009, the global industrial robot sales volume increased year by year, according to data, global industrial robot sales of 36 in 2017. 330000 units, with 30, 2016. 870000 up seventeen percent from a year earlier. 7. With the gradually mature of industrial robot technology, constant expansion application scenarios, the demand of global industrial robot will continue to rise, is expected to 2018 - 2020 global industrial robot sales to maintain the growth rate of fifteen percent, in 2018 the global industrial robots will be sold in 39. 690000 units.

in various regions in the world industrial robot sales case, 2017 Asian industrial robot total sales of 24. 20000, sales of industrial robot to realize explosive growth, expected sales is expected to exceed 350000 units in 2020; European industrial robot sales in 2017 to 6. 5 40000, and 2016. 90000 growth of eight percent. 9. Industrial robot sales in the americas is 5. 00000 units, up seventeen percent from a year earlier. 1.

data show that in 2017 China's industrial robot sales of 12. 080000, with 2016 years of 9. 140000 growth of thirty-two percent. 2. As the growing demand for the industrial robot, which is expected in 2018 China's industrial robot sales will reach 14. 70000, accounting for thirty-seven percent of the global industrial robot sales. Along with the development of the manufacturing industry in our country, especially in automobiles and auto parts manufacturing industry and the rapid development of motorcycle industry, industrial robot assembly quantity will be steady rise. In addition, our country's construction, mining, railway and public construction, hydraulic engineering construction and engineering machinery, construction machinery market expansion will promote the industrial robot industry. Construction engineering machinery structure for welding parts, in order to improve the welding quality and efficiency, to meet the demand of the market, at present a lot of engineering machinery manufacturers require the use of robot welding, wide prospect of market.

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