India's 9th international construction machinery exhibition!

by:HMB     2021-01-14

10 a. m. local time on December 12, 2017, India the 9th international construction machinery exhibition in the fourth largest city of bangalore international exhibition center on the outskirts of bangalore ( BIEC) The grand opening. Exhibition range covers all kinds of excavator bearings, engineering excavator attachments of engineering machinery and equipment, engineering vehicles, construction machinery, construction technology, construction materials and building materials, machinery, engines and power transmission equipment, pump, lifting equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic engineering, electronic control equipment and components, security system and equipment, all kinds of motor, etc.

China construction machinery industry association executive vice President and secretary-general Su Zimeng and vice chairman of China machinery industry branch of ccpit wei-dong zhou rate China pavilion exhibitors, and to the construction machinery industry of India's major media introduced the development of Chinese engineering machinery and the status quo of the cooperation between China and India industry, China (2019 Beijing) International construction machinery exhibition. During the exhibition, China construction machinery industry association and India construction equipment manufacturers association also held a communication meeting, the two sides agreed to the next step in-depth association cooperation.

India international construction machinery exhibition ( EXCON) Is by the confederation of Indian industry ( CII) Host, Indian engineering machinery manufacturers association ( ICEMA) Coordinated, and Indian builders association ( BAI) And the state of karnataka government's full support. The host for the first time since 2000, the exhibition in 2002, the second, starting in 2005, the third held in the city of bangalore, India on a regular basis every two years, has now become Asia's second-largest construction machinery exhibition, is one of the largest construction machinery exhibition in South Asia.

this exhibition exhibition area reached a record 250000 square meters, more than the previous three square meters. From 20 countries and regions, a total of 923 exhibitors, 810 increased by 14% than the previous, than on the previous 723 increased by 28%; International exhibitors, including China, a total of 275, 271 flat with the previous. The organizers announced that there will be more than 300 new products released during the show. To participate in the exhibition pavilion in population size from big to small in turn is China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Britain, a total of five. The China pavilion exhibitors reached 168 companies, 61% of the number of international exhibitors, more than the sum of other international exhibitors. Organizers of the exhibition is expected to professional audience will reach 40000. The exhibition held for five days until 16 open society in the future.

the exhibition brings together the world of engineering machinery well-known enterprises, such as caterpillar, komatsu, JCB, god steel, PUZZOLANA, bastian schweinsteiger, ATLAS, doosan, hyundai, Keith, tadano, victor root, ITR, BKT, ATLAS, bulls, in Indian companies such as tata group, and trinity from China take root in India, xugong, liugong, etc. The name of the joint venture participation.

China construction machinery industry association and China machinery industry branch of ccpit has many consecutive terms organized domestic enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Key group of engineering machinery and spare parts manufacturing enterprise, and the professional trading company, provides enterprises with opportunities to exploit the India market. Both sides of the exhibition organized a total of 80 Chinese companies, both for indoor exhibitors, the exhibition area of 1068 square meters, has more than 10 enterprises is many times group participation; Exhibitors in kind is given priority to, complementary with pictures, models, samples and multimedia display enterprise image, enterprises generally reflect the audience is more, is expected to obtain good exhibition effect. And other more than 80 Chinese companies registration participation also through other channels.

a major change is the exhibition of the newly built to enable indoor venues 4 for the first time. The stadium is a modern standard venues, to accommodate 420 exhibitors, for half the area of interior enterprises demand, but also effectively improve the distribution of the other 3 indoor venues.

as India in the past two years the rapid development of infrastructure and buoyant demand for engineering machinery, increase in the number of the relevant enterprises in China by participating in the exhibition, our country engineering machinery products exports to India market also gradually increased, to promote and strengthen the construction machinery industry in China and India in the same industry in the economic and trade cooperation. Many enterprises seize the opportunity, use full display exhibition platform, promote the technology products of this enterprise, strive for more new products into India and South Asia market, fully fit & other; Intelligent technology will boost India's future infrastructure & other; The exhibition theme, also in order to strengthen our country advocates & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; The construction of brick add tile.

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