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Increasing Profitability With A Hydraulic Breaker | Hammer

Increasing Profitability With A Hydraulic Breaker | Hammer


If you are in the machinery industry and want to develop more business and get more profits, you can start from the following three aspects: reduce labor costs, shorten working hours, and reduce equipment replacement and maintenance rates. These three aspects can all be achieved with one tool, that is, the use of hydraulic breakers. Hydraulic breakers are an indispensable tool in the machinery industry. So how can hydraulic breakers be improved from these aspects?

一、Reduce labor costs

Hydraulic breaker can be used for large-scale engineering demolition, crushing, mining, road construction and municipal green construction, etc. If you do not have a hydraulic breaker, you will spend a lot of manpower and material resources in the construction of the above projects, and the work progress Slow and expensive labor costs. For example, when you use a hand-held hydraulic breaker and auger to work, you must operate one person, one tool, and the introduction of a hydraulic breaker to match your excavator equipment requires only 1-2 operators according to the hydraulic breaker manufacturer’s The hydraulic breaker operation manual can work efficiently. A small breaker can be four times the force and speed of Jack's hammer. This reduces the number of workers required to complete the work, thereby improving profitability and greatly saving labor costs.

二、Reduce time cost

Closely related to labor cost is time cost. As we all know, time is money, because workers use work equipment inefficiently, resulting in a gradual increase in the corresponding time cost. The use of hydraulic breakers not only reduces labor costs and time costs, but also achieves higher efficiency. Naturally, more work can be completed at the same time, which greatly improves corporate profits. The hydraulic breaker is installed behind the excavator and moves faster than people. The hydraulic breaker provides a more powerful blow, so that the underlying structure breaks through rocks or massive concrete slabs, and creates a trenching tunnel in a shorter time.

If you want to arrange more work for workers and improve work efficiency, please buy a hydraulic breaker | Hydraulic breaker is the best way to increase profitability.

三、Reduce equipment replacement rate

It is extremely important for excavator owners to be equipped with powerful and trouble-resistant tools. If the right tools are not selected, it may cause slow progress in the project, frequent failures, and waste of time and money. The hydraulic breaker can ensure that the excavator works better, avoid the damage and repair costs caused by the use of improper tools, thereby increasing profits, reducing working hours and speeding up the work progress.

Hydraulic breakers are durable and easy to use, which means they do not need to be replaced as frequently as other tools. For many companies who are worried about costs, buying hydraulic breakers can save them more equipment costs.


If you want your business to go further in the machinery industry, then consider buying a hydraulic breaker is a choice you must consider Hydraulic breakers can help your business flourish.Yantai Jiwei Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is very happy to serve customers. When you have any questions, you can always find our team members to answer related questions for you.

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