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by:HMB     2021-01-16
Excavator after years of use wear and failure occurs frequently, so to speak. Excavator accessories factory today and we discuss excavator arm crack how to deal with. Because large excavator forearm craze, causing parts of excavator rental teacher have become common, because in the failure event, basically excavators must be halted, so drivers in daily construction will be given extra attention to teacher. Excavator's right-hand man if want to keep good state, it must be in the most severe failure before repair in time, so today excavator accessories manufacturers to introduce the main forearm after crack repair tips! Fix attention must ensure the cleanliness level of welds before welding, no other impurities. To clean up the portion of the original excavators craze, if the construction under the condition of conditional, selects the polishing machine or other polishing tools to clean up. Welding preheating work must be done and do not be sloppy. Conditions allow, the position of the welding preheating temperature of 100 degrees is the best. When choosing welding material, must will pick the most appropriate, cannot mix. According to the composition choice electrode is certainly no problem, you need to take a bit if you don't know the original material scrap iron can be tested, usually J507 welding rod is enough to meet the requirements of the people. The welding work must not be careless, penetration, welding is the most basic requirement completely. Welding time to pay attention to use a hammer test of a cooling, some large drivers forearm cracking in the larger gap, you can also choose to add a lining board. Welding step excavator accessories manufacturer here first, many old drivers or maintenance personnel have unique welding operation skill, excavator accessories manufacturers to introduce today is that the vast majority of cases are suitable welding method. Step one, where the drivers arm fracture, about the need to cut to about 18 20 centimeters, the concrete numerical value as the case may be, under the arm cover the width of the cut on the basis of the lateral plate cut to increase 15 centimeters. Step 2, the first step is complete, and then lining on the play, under the big arm plate fracture and crack welding plate, as much as possible and pay attention to in the whole welding process to get the smooth without air bubbles. Step three, then we will be in accordance with the first step in the cutting of the side panel size we do welding on a steel plate, the notice must be in strict accordance with the size of cutting, and on the side panel also to play inside lining, lining the side panel of longer than a letter. Step 4, after completion of the above steps, the whole welding process is basically finished 80%, next we as long as the bottom plate seal is ok, before the back cover, of course, also want to make on the plate. Step 5, the above steps to complete, check the place without omission or unstable, you can proceed to the final polishing, paint and other finishing touches on the putty. Why do you want to play plate? Both unique means of maintenance personnel and excavator accessories manufacturers to introduce the general effective technique, cannot leave the lining board, because the lining board on low technology content, simple, effect is good. Although big forearm craze after the repair work on technical requirement is not high, but extremely test everyone's care and patience, every little detail to deal with, which will greatly reduce the chance of cracking again!

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