In the face of the summer heat how to prevent excavator spontaneous combustion?

by:HMB     2021-01-22
First of all, let's analyze, excavator cause spontaneous combustion fire: 1, the perennial disrepair use without the maintenance habit of mechanical equipment, such devices usually exist circuit aging, loose parts easy to cause short circuit and equipment operation failure, etc. The fuselage cover thick dust and oily be soiled, encounter flammable fire easy to trigger the fuselage spontaneous combustion. 2, hydraulic pipe burst in the oil spraying when there is obstruction of excavator operations to the menstruation, is hydraulic pipe pressure rise in a short time, the oil return system can't normal operation, result in excavator hydraulic pipe burst, oil spray to the body, combined with the summer heat, the fuselage exposed for a long time, easy to machine spontaneous combustion phenomenon. 3, wire aging short circuit on fire due to the neglect of machinery and equipment inspection maintenance, there are lines aging short circuit is often happened. Shall regularly check the maintenance equipment, on the line and the fuse promptly replaced periodically and maintenance, to fundamentally prevent such accidents. First, during the daily operations should improve machine repair maintenance consciousness, to prevention. Below small make up just to give you something about in at ordinary times what should we do in daily maintenance: 1, keep body clean, without oily be soiled, check the fuel tank, hydraulic pipe and other components, beware of oil leakage phenomenon; 2, form a good practice, it is forbidden to drive indoor smoking, it is forbidden to lumber, to ensure driving indoor and field of vision clear, can visualize each place if there is a fault. Such as oil leakage, etc. ; 3, generating circuit, oil is on fire, put out the fire with water, are forbidden to use sand or professional fire extinguisher, etc. ; 4, about the selection of fire extinguisher, senior large capacity of the fire fighting equipment as far as possible, such as 6 & ndash; 10 l type foam fire extinguisher. For fire extinguisher shelf life should also check in time, change in time expired fire extinguishing equipment, don't be penny wise and pound foolish.
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