In the engine fuel injector how?

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Injector is a key parts of diesel engine, the work is good or bad directly affects the performance, fuel economy and emissions of diesel engine, and reliability. Injector oil return hole plugging the injector pressure regulating spring cavity inner product oil, oil pressure rise and stop injection, the engine stalled. Immediately with injector liner dismantling tool to remove the fuel injector cleaning injectors on oil return hole plugs. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories. Existing cylinder injector liner device, the lower part of the injector, through fixed installation on the cylinder of the injector liner, and through the cylinder cover, direct contact with the flame of the combustion chamber cylinder, the temperature is very high. So, fuel injector cooling is necessary, or because of fuel injector heat bilges cold shrink will affect the normal work of the cylinder. And injector cooling is generally through the design on the cylinder cover of cooling water channel of injector liner for cooling, thus realize the fixed installation in the injector liner to cool the fuel injector. But because the bottom of the fuel injector is directly into the cylinder of the combustion chamber, while for cooling, cooling water but do not penetrate into the combustion chamber, CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories. The normal work of the cylinder is seriously affected. So between the injector liner and the cylinder cover sealing is particularly important. Most of existing technology in the injector liner made of red copper and the manufacturing cost is high, not only and the oxidation resistance, sealing, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, anti deformation, thermal performance, etc. , are not very ideal; Other existing injector liner its walls are smooth tube type design, combination between injector and not very closely. Tanaka industry research and development production of fuel injector liner dismantling device is to solve technical problems, according to current situation of the existing technology, and provide a good sealed performance, low cost, at the same time, combined with fuel injector close cylinder injector liner device. Compared with the existing technology, the utility model beneficial effect is that the utility model on the bottom of the liner and the cylinder cover set the seal face, respectively, to cooperate with each other to ensure the sealing effect; Overall use of alloy materials, the manufacturing cost is low, and the oxidation resistance, sealing, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, deformation and heat dissipation performance is very ideal; At the same time set up within the bushing locating piece, can be closely integrated with the fuel injector. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories.
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