In order to reduce the excavator measures method of engine noise

by:HMB     2021-01-24
They all say, diesel engine is good, but the noise is too big, so many companies are now trying to reduce the noise. Below komatsu drivers, for example, to introduce the engine is how to reduce noise. Engine oil pump: improve the rotor shape and fixed relationship, reduce directly connected to the crankshaft vibration oil pump, reducing vibration is more reliable. To reduce the pounding of bearing and mechanical noise: 1 bearing assembly. 2 gear shape optimization. Reduce the sound propagation: 1 flywheel room set in the block structure. 2 application engineering principle design fan. 3 increase the hardness of cylinder block and gear box used komatsu drivers peculiar CAE technology, the optimized cylinder block intensity, reduce the transmission of noise, and reduce the noise of the transmission. 4 for vibration analysis and optimal design scheme. Further reading: how reducing the noise of the engine drivers? 1 do insulation treatment. 2 fastening screws put sound insulation cotton to reduce resonance in the place such as door hood, etc. 3 reduce engine noise method are many, the noise is caused by a malfunctioning engine. Article 4 cab don't sound insulation, may be sealed and bridge under the shock absorber is broken. 5 now? Get a better stand silencer. Above is to provide sharing seiko komatsu excavator maintenance master 'in order to reduce the excavator engine noise measures method'.
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