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by:HMB     2021-01-19
The recent rainy season, brings us a bit cold, yesterday to share some of the excavator construction need to be aware of the rainy season. After the rainy season, don't forget to & other; After summer & throughout; , increased water temperatures at the time of construction will meet excavator, excavator accessories manufacturers, small make up today to share some excavator high temperature can timely solve the tip. First of all, the engine after high temperature alarm, machine friends don't cut in immediately shut down, to the engine speed will be dispatched to the idle standby work 3 - Five minutes after being cooled sufficiently to stall. Must not continue to construction in the engine under the condition of high temperature, it will cause sintering engine bearings, engine internal excavator attachments excessive wear, and even serious fault of engine scrap. Usually excavator water temperature is high, has the following several reasons 1, thermostat stuck can't open, can take off the thermostat to try. 2, water pump is broken, if there is no thermostat, start the engine directly, step on the gas, to see whether the water tank cycle, if not cycle, that means the water pump is broken. 3, the tank is too dirty, cause the clogging in the tank, water tank cleaning. Often these reasons, if more than a couple of reasons can't do it, next, according to the high temperature reason, item by item, trying to identify the problems: 1, check the coolant fluid level, check the cooling fluid is less obvious, such as less, right amount add. 2, check coolant metamorphism. Such as metamorphism, clear channel after the change of antifreeze. 3, check the oil oil level. If too little oil, add or replace. 4, check for foreign bodies blocked water radiator, radiator air duct blockage, want to clear all dry. 5, check whether the fan blade deformation, and the air volume is too small, or replace the fan or adjust the strap. 6, check whether water temperature sensor and circuit short circuit or open circuit. 7, overhauling thermostat, observed in the hot water thermostat opens. If not open properly, the replacement of the thermostat. manufacturer small make up in this nagging a few words, the high temperature of engine fault, in the final analysis is actually two points, the first is the daily maintenance and maintenance to do, the second access to accurate, fast, don't pull the glitches into a big problem, especially the year long machine should be more attention.

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