Import the workings of a supercharger

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Imported turbocharger installed on the exhaust side of the engine, so its working temperature is high, the work when the rotor speed is very high, can achieve the similar RPM, high rotation speed and temperature makes common mechanical needle or ball bearing cannot work for the rotor, so the whole floating bearing widely used turbocharger, the engine oil for lubrication, and cooling liquid cooling for the supercharger. Before, import the supercharger are mostly used in diesel engines, for gasoline and diesel combustion mode, so the engine also differ in the form of the imported turbocharger. Between the turbocharger rotor shaft and bearing with more precision, if the oil too dirty or bad, will accelerate the bearing wear. Blade even when bearing excessive wear and shell friction, make the rotor speed drops, the supercharger and the diesel engine performance will deteriorate rapidly, such as power down, black smoke too much, big noise and oil spills on both ends of the rotor shaft, etc. It should be strictly stipulated in the maintenance regularly oil change, clean or replace the oil filter on a regular basis. Imported supercharger system flow obstruction factors supercharger port congestion is one of the direct effects of increased air flow resistance in the system. Diesel engine is running, pressurization system of the gas flow path is: the compressor inlet filter and muffler - compressor impeller - compressor diffuser and air cooler to scavenge box, diesel engine inlet port ( Valve) To vent ( Valve) To the exhaust pipe, exhaust turbine nozzle ring to exhaust turbine impeller, chimney. One of the circulation area of each component are fixed. If any link in the flow route congestion occurs, such as dirt, carbon, deformation, etc. , will make compressor back pressure increases with increased flow resistance, flow reduce, cause a surge. The easy and smudgy parts is compressor inlet filter, blower impeller and diffuser, air cooler, diesel engine into ( Sweep) Intake and exhaust ( Valve) , exhaust turbine nozzle ring, exhaust turbine impeller.
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