Hydraulic tank breathing valve is also a important parts, do you know his role and if change

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Speaking of excavator hydraulic tank breathing valve cartridge, a lot of friends may also don't know if there is a filter on the drivers or never change. This filter specific have what effect, how to change? Today in this for everyone. The role of respiration valve cartridge valve keep the tank pressure, and heat dissipation. Manual pressure release pressure and prevent opened the tank pressure impact. The role of respiration valve cartridge filter into the hydraulic tank air, prevent dust into the tank, to prevent the hydraulic oil deterioration. If a sealed tank without breathing filter or respiratory filter blockage, will affect the normal work of the hydraulic system. Breathing valve cartridge replacement time change every 1000 hours, the respiration valve filter all models. Breathing valve cartridge replacement method according to the discharge valve to release the internal pressure; All of them in the gas, to fix the respiration valve nut and bolt to be removed, replace the new breather valve cartridge. Breathing valve with drain the function of the two aspects of positive pressure and negative pressure. Specific performance in the container must be under positive pressure, the respiration valve will open breath gas discharge positive pressure; When the container under negative pressure, fire breathing valve will open in gas discharge pressure, so that to ensure that the pressure in a certain range, in order to ensure the safety of the container. Breathing valve flap function mainly displays in the rapid decline in the storage tank pressure, when a lot of air into the tank to meet fire breathing valve flap of blocked air flow can not directly impact to the surface of the product, this can reduce oil evaporation. A baffle block, can make the air flow from the vertical direction to the direction of the level, to ensure that the suction of fresh air and inside shanhaiguan pass first at the top of the oil and gas of low concentration gas mixture, so it can lower the concentration. When the tubing from hair oil to receiving, before is at the top of the mix of low concentration gas mixture. So it can reduce the oil consumption. Most breathing valve folding baffle can make it, so can facilitate the empowerments joint pipe orifice in or out. Dome can make air flow at the time of sudden change of direction, slowing down, so that in future sports can keep high speed, make the fresh air in the suction can uniformly distributed in the top of the space inside the tank. Breathing valve can not only maintain the tank pressure flat RongHeng, will also be able to ensure that the tank when the overpressure or vacuum will not be destroyed, but also can reduce inside shanhaiguan pass medium consumption.
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