Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor function

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Power components and actuators as indispensable part of the hydraulic system, hydraulic pump is an energy conversion device, it can converts mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure, oil pressure for the system to provide a certain discharge is the energy of the system. Hydraulic motor is a kind of energy conversion device, it to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, the output torque and rotational speed is a kind of actuators. In principle, pump and hydraulic motor is reversible, the pump can be used as a hydraulic motor, or, in turn, can also be used as a hydraulic motor pump to use. From the structure, the two are basically the same. But due to the function different, they is little different from the actual structure. Not all of the pump can be used as a hydraulic motor, after some of the pump into the oil pressure, no rotation; Also, not all of the hydraulic motor is suitable for pump use. Certainly a bit of the two hydraulic components in common very much. Kawasaki hydraulic pump is one of the most used in engineering machinery hydraulic pump.
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