Hydraulic excavator the right operation method, parking, parking and completed inspection machine

by:HMB     2021-01-31
A, work device of the hydraulic excavator slewing and operating pull (left to right or left joystick, excavator turning to the left or right; Forward or backward pull (left joystick, protruding from the back or bucket rod. Forward or backward pull (right joystick, can make the movable arm drop or promotion, pull (right to left or right joystick, can make the bucket digging or uninstall. If loosen the joystick, joystick will automatically return to the median, working device that is in the position to stop. Second, the excavator to ban the use of operating methods ( 1) Do not use with torsion to compacted soil or destroy the mound, buildings. When the rotary don't plug half tooth in the soil. ( 2) Walk don't use the bucket into land in force for mining. ( 3) Don't make the hydraulic cylinder piston rod movement to the terminal, should retain a small piece of a safe distance. ( 4) Don't put the bucket as hand picks, crushing device or driver to use. ( 5) Don't put the body after rising to the surface mining. ( 6) For the rock ground, broken again after mining to take advantage of other methods. ( 7) Machines out from the water, the Angle is less than 15 degrees, don't make the machine people exceed the permitted depth of water, the average water depth at the sprocket center the following parts to soak in water for a long time, to add butter, until the old butter extrusion lubrication part. After the completion of the three, hydraulic excavator parking, parking and check ( 1) Machine parking: the left and right walking stick in the middle position, the machine will stop walking. ( 2) Machine park: a) The left and right garlic street in a walking stick, the machine stopped walking. ( b) Droop to the engine idle speed, running to keep the engine temperature reduces gradually after 5 min. ( c) Arm, vertical level lowered bucket, until it touches the ground at the bottom of the bucket. ( d) Puts safety lock lever lock position. ( e) Turn the key to the OFF position, and then pull out the key. ( f) Disembarkation before closing the window, door and each cover and so on, the last door. ( 3) After the completion inspection: ( a) Check the engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure and oil temperature and diesel oil level. ( b) Be filled with diesel, but don't add to the tank top, prevent diesel spillover at higher temperatures. ( c) Clear stick in the mud and dirt on crawler assembly. ( d) Check the hydraulic oil, diesel oil, engine oil or whether the cooling fluid leakage, inspection devices, crawler assemblies, such as rotary bearing device is damaged, if damaged, immediately repair. Is in the details to the success of the things, as long as pay attention to the work above, the problem of illness, can start construction as scheduled, every day a good mood every day. More excavator maintenance technology, drivers, application fields, etc. Please visit the trinity excavator repair and maintenance center, buy excavator to realize drivers price concessions, sany heavy industry drivers on the official website, sany quality change the world.
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