Hydraulic excavator maintenance and matters needing attention

by:HMB     2021-01-23
'were introduced in this paper the use of the function of lubricating oil, grease, lubricating oil'. The engine lubricant oil ( The oil) And grease ( Butter) Two kinds. ( 1) The function of the lubricating oil (1) the lubrication oil in all the movement parts between the friction surface to form a continuous film, to reduce the friction between the parts. (2) the cooling surface of lubricating oil in the process of circulation through the parts work, can reduce the temperature of the parts. (3) clean the lubricating oil can take away the friction surface of melted metal and rinse deposition on the cylinder, piston, piston ring, and other parts of the carbon deposit. (4) adhere to in the cylinder wall and piston and piston ring seal oil film, can play the role of sealing. (5) antirust oil is to prevent rusting of the parts. ( 2) The use of the lubricating oil lubricating oil viscosity changes with temperature, temperature is high viscosity, low temperature, viscosity, therefore, should choose different brand of lubricating oil according to the season. The machine should be replaced periodically engine oil. Continuous in dusty areas such as machine as well as the low temperature cold area, replacement cycle should be shortened accordingly. Engine oil surface should be regularly check and maintain the oil level of lubricating oil in oil feet 'MAX' The highest) And 'MIN' ( The lowest) In between. ( 3) Grease grease is a thickener made from mixed liquid lubricant in a stable solid or semisolid product, which can add to improve some characteristics of grease additives. Grease has good adhesion, at room temperature can be attached to the vertical surface and do not flow, and can work in open or closed friction parts. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-rust and lubrication.
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