Hydraulic control valve

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Control or regulating the flow of working fluid and pressure, changes of flow passage in hydraulic components in the direction of liquid flow change, become the hydraulic control valve. Hydraulic control valve to open the hydraulic actuators, parking and reversing operation, such as adjusting its movement speed and output torque ( Or output power) , or some hydraulic components of hydraulic transmission system security protection, etc. Therefore, the application of hydraulic control valve is big enough, the structure type, and there are many classification methods. Us first according to the basic function of the control valve of the following categories: 1, direction control valves; All that is used to transform flow passage, control working direction of liquid flow components, become a direction control valve, such as one-way valve, reversing valve; 2, pressure control valve; Control of working liquid pressure in hydraulic system components become a pressure control valve, such as relief valve, relief valve, sequence valve, battery proportional relief against such as; 3, flow control valve; Control hydraulic system working fluid flow, flow control valve, such as throttle, speed regulating valve, electro-hydraulic proportional flow, etc.
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