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How to use a hydraulic breaker to ensure that the excavator is not damaged?

How to use a hydraulic breaker to ensure that the excavator is not damaged?


       The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the pumping station of the excavator or loader, which can more effectively clean the floating stones and the soil in the cracks of the rock in the role of excavating the foundation of the building. Because hydraulic breaker is a relatively fast reciprocating impact movement, the oil return speed is fast and the relative pulse is larger, which causes the hydraulic oil to age faster and the hydraulic system of the excavator will also be damaged. When using hydraulic rock breaker, the excavator should be protected to avoid damage to the excavator. The following editor will specifically introduce how to use hydraulic rock breaker to ensure that the excavator is not damaged.

Suitable engine speed. Due to the low working pressure and flow requirements of the breaker, the medium throttle can work; if the high throttle works not only will not increase the blow force, but will also cause abnormal heating of the hydraulic oil, which will also cause greater damage to the hydraulic system;

Replace the oil seal in time. The oil seal is a vulnerable part. It is recommended that the breaker work for about 600-800 hours and replace the breaker oil seal; when the oil seal leaks, stop working immediately and replace the oil seal. Otherwise, side dust will easily enter the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic system, and damage the hydraulic pump.

Keep the pipeline clean, clean it thoroughly when installing the breaker pipeline, and cyclically connect the inlet and return lines;

Correct posture, frequency and quantity of butter. If the lubricating grease is added in the suspended state of the steel drill, the grease will enter the striking chamber, and abnormal high pressure oil will be generated in the striking chamber during the striking, which will enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic pump;

Use high-quality hydraulic hammer. Inferior breaking hammers are prone to problems due to design, manufacturing, inspection and other links, and have a high failure rate during use, which is more likely to cause damage to the excavator;

Hydraulic oil volume and pollution. As hydraulic oil pollution is one of the main causes of hydraulic pump failures, the pollution status of hydraulic oil should be confirmed in time. Lack of hydraulic oil will cause cavitation and cause hydraulic pump failure, breaker piston cylinder strain, etc.; suggestion: check the oil level before using it every day.

The above is about the use of hydraulic rock breaker without damaging the use of the excavator.hydraulic breaker is used in conjunction with the excavator. The two complement each other and are indispensable under certain operating conditions. I hope the above content will help you, and the correct operation method will ensure the efficiency of the work.

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