How to solve the unstable idle speed method -- Excavator accessories manufacturer

by:HMB     2021-01-13

excavator accessories manufacturers today with everyone on the unstable idle speed:


1. for fuel pump failure problems cause the fuel injection quantity and injection pressure instability;

2。 Idle spring compression quantity is too small; Idle spring break;

3。 Governor fault, each shaft pin wear away, clearance is too large; Hinge point block; Rack movement card;

4。 of idle speed adjustable too low;

5。 Fuel injector failure, nozzle needle valve hairpin, delivery valve sealing unstable;

6。 Injection timing Angle change;

7。 Fuel label is wrong. Fuel oil containing moisture.

8。 Diesel engine itself is faulty.

elimination method:

1. Adjusting excavator maintenance accessories for fuel pump

2. Repair the idle spring;

3。 Maintenance and adjust the speed;

4。 Appropriate increase the idle speed.

5。 Adjustment and maintenance of each nozzle, fuel injection is consistent;

6。 Supplying qualified fuel;

7。 Adjust the injection advance unit, set and excavator attachments clamp connector;

8。 Maintenance of diesel engine itself.

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