How to solve the problem of excavator slow? _CTP accessories |' The general agent of CTP 】

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Some people say that their own excavator work after a period of time, action is slow, is this why? Excavator slow, thrilled to dig the machinist learn to find the reason, let us together to learn about the causes of excavator slow for several reasons. A walk, if it is operating, inversion, carrying big forearm, take back the single job such as digging bucket, a slower speed. Here's why: excavator components related to the overflow valve pressure is too low, need to test the pump, low pressure sensor, multi-channel valve failure related electromagnetic valve failure, valve core hairpin. Second, if it is all drivers car/vehicle moves slowly. Need to check: whether maintenance on time, the hydraulic oil is no change in time; Hydraulic circuit is blocked, please check the system pressure when idle, check whether there is oil return filter clogging phenomenon of engine power output is too low, underpowered please DX data analysis engine output, whether all the cylinders can work at the same time; Check the presence of black smoke appeared, if nozzle wear serious, also can cause the engine power output decline in hydraulic pump, enter the service diagnosis system can be related to pressure test pilot pressure caused open valve core is insufficient pressure, cause traffic, slow circuit related problem: excavator CPU, high and low pressure sensors, solenoid valve and line fault. Three, if the cold machine, normal engine slow first consider the oil is too dirty, need to change. Check the oil filter for copper scrap, causing the main pump wear and need to take apart to see the guide filter, oil filter, oil suction filter blockage of main pump sludge conditioning machine servo piston, inclined plate can't regulate, main pump total in the small displacement, the work flow is small.
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