How to solve the drop speed fault

by:HMB     2021-01-26
If drop speed problem with one of the excavator, should first analysis problem, can lead to what is the reason, the corresponding solution? 1, it is possible that the excavator oil is blocked, or drivers of the operator is not in accordance with the requirements of the formal to within the prescribed time, replacing and cleaning the engine and diesel oil water separator filter, so it is easy to cause a engine speed fault phenomena appear. 2, the second is to check if the engine high pressure oil pipe to appear the phenomenon of wear and tear, and then check the engine fuel tank inlet is unblocked, to know that this is also causes the engine off speed fault one big reason. 3, then check excavator electronic suction pump working condition is good, because it can also cause the horse appear off the engine speed, this time even if you again how to step on the gas is also unable to improve the speed of the excavator. 4, the last possible fault is the engine failure, such as low speed issues. Sometimes may be because the oil into the air and caused the blocking phenomenon, or other hydraulic failure, etc. And in a timely manner to find engine of a certain engine cylinder setting exactly operators do not conform to the requirements.
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