How to repair the excavator cooling system

by:HMB     2021-01-29
System is an important part of engine drivers, plays an adjust drivers engine temperature and maintain the best working temperature, the drivers work efficiency, and drivers could have affected the normal work and life. A link is also nots allow to ignore. Today to discuss with you about the excavator cooling system main components maintenance and overhaul. 1, the overhaul (1) the pump impeller of the pump maintenance check whether there is any breakage on pump impeller blades, such as breakage should be welding repair or replacement. (2) for the maintenance of water seal water pump drainage hole leakage, water seal seal is lax. Water seal of pump parts, generally in repairing the pump, the new water seal should be replaced. Please click here to enter the picture description (3) the pump inspection after the water pump after fit up, turn the pulley by hand, should pump shaft rotational freedom, the impeller and the pump shell should be no scratches; Plug injection pump inlet opening, the water in the pump cavity, turn the pump shaft, drain hole should be no slack phenomenon. 2, for the maintenance of radiator (1) cleaning of radiator radiator in use process, will affect the cooling effect due to corrosion and fouling of. When cleaning the best using the circulation method, that is, with acid solution washing first, reoccupy flush with alkaline solution. (2) the radiator performance connection radiator pressure detector. Filling the O in the radiator. LMPa above pressure of compressed air, observe the pressure drop of pressure detector value, if the pressure drop within 2 minutes more than 0. 015 mpa, the radiator and cooling water channel for leaks. (3) the radiator cover pressure valve sealing detection inspection seal gasket, if the bend or the need to change; Will spin in a pressure detector on the radiator cover and push the tester with the hand, until pressure valve open, zero pressure valve in the pressure. 026-0. 037 mpa to open, if pressure is lower than 0. 026 mpa, should replace the radiator cover. 3, for the maintenance of water temperature sensor. Measure the water temperature sensor resistance between terminals. (1) the water temperature sensor resistance between terminals. (2) the water temperature switch action to confirm. 4, for the maintenance of thermostat thermostat on vessel containing water, and then heating, check the temperature of the main valve starts to open and completely open, and fully open the main valve lift.
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