How to reduce the wear of excavator parts

by:HMB     2021-08-01
Preventing parts from corrosion. Corrosion on excavator attachments is sometimes not easy to be noticed, it is easy to be ignored by others, and it is more harmful. Rain water, chemical substances in the air, etc. penetrate into the machine through the pipes and gaps of the machine parts and corrode the parts. Continued work of corroded parts will also accelerate the wear and tear of the machine and increase mechanical failure. This requires managers and operators to adopt reasonable construction arrangements based on the local weather conditions and site conditions at the time to minimize the harm of chemical corrosion to mechanical parts. Keep working at the rated load The nature and size of the excavator's working load have an important influence on the loss of mechanical parts. Under normal circumstances, the wear of excavator attachments will increase with the increase of load. When the load of the excavator parts is higher than the designed working load, its wear will increase. Under the same conditions, the stable load has less wear on the parts than the high-frequency dynamic load, fewer failures, and longer service life. Keep parts at a reasonable temperature During work, the temperature of each part has its own normal range. Too high or low temperature will affect the strength of parts, so it is necessary to control the temperature of some parts with coolant and lubricating oil to make them work in a reasonable temperature range. Timely cleaning to reduce the impact of mechanical impurities Mechanical impurities usually refer to dust, soil and other materials and certain metal chips and grease stains generated by the construction machinery during use. If these impurities reach between the working surfaces of the machine, they will destroy the lubricating oil film and scratch the mating surface. Mechanical equipment reduces the failure rate, relying on regular maintenance and timely replacement of vulnerable excavator attachments. I believe that doing this will definitely reduce the failure rate of the excavator, and prevent some project delays caused by the failure.
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