How to reduce the excavator oil consumption - Excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-12

today excavator bearings to teach everyone how to reduce the oil consumption of excavator:

1. Fuel costs accounted for a large part of excavator bearings machinery maintenance cost, thus reduce the oil consumption, reduce the maintenance budget is very important. The appropriate action technology can not only improve the work efficiency, also can save fuel consumption. More importantly, the choice of fuel and maintenance is also very important to reduce fuel consumption.

2。 When handling loading and unloading, will be located in the machine is higher than the truck position position, so that can save the engine power, improve the work efficiency to 40%. Cylinder excavator bearings can generate the largest force when the Angle between the bucket cylinder and cylinder 90 & deg; 。 Excavator bearing machine rod has the largest capacity in the perpendicular to the ground. When digging ditches, first of all to the side of the trench excavator bearings personnel, then the center of the trench, so that we can save a lot of electricity. Excavator bearings should work at low speed, reduce the turning radius as much as possible.

3。 More importantly, excavators fuel should also keep, in order to reduce fuel consumption. Even under extreme temperature is to use the recommended fuel. If fuel than using date, it must be replaced. Impurities can cause damage to the excavator bearings, when stored or filling fuel so measures should be taken to avoid entering any impurities. Fuel tank should be fill by the regulation, otherwise may cause an exception. Don't put the different levels or different brands of fuel oil are mixed together.

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