How to raise economical benefit of excavator bearings?

by:HMB     2021-01-18

excavator bearing is used for all kinds of buildings including traffic road building equipment involved, the biggest characteristic is high load, large volume, high working intensity, bad environment. Large engineering in mechanical engineering maintenance department have cooperative relationship with Japan NSK bearing excavator, facilitate the supply of timely, quality equipment excavator bearing parts. High strength work to do, the quality of parts is the key to moving parts are different working conditions have different performance requirements, regular inspection maintenance. Surface mining engineering is the most common, general mining equipment for the single bucket excavator bucket excavator, scraper or machinery, bulldozers, scraper, loader, rail transportation machinery, working condition to adjust better relatively, can work under high load condition.

excavator working condition of bearing the most complex is bad for underwater mining, waterproof, corrosion resistance is the primary and key material transportation, mechanical vessel or water operation very difficult. Vessel operation instability, hull part of equipment power is to be lifted to solve this problem will need to use high speed Japan NSK bearing excavator can reduce the loss of power; The water moving parts should adopt large clearance products, or high strength material parts, reduce work underwater shock damage to the parts. Modern many large engineering machinery such as asphalt mixing excavator attachments, stabilized soil mixing plant, such as combination crusher is a big, the quality of each part are tens to hundreds of tons, and most of engineering machinery in the sand, gravel, harsh environments, such as rain and snow, its technical condition inevitably down quickly, compared with other mechanical parts between cooperation will appear different degree of loosening, wear, corrosion and scaling, and various fittings with nature, mutual position relations between parts and work coordination will be affected by different degree, its performance, fuel economy, reliability and other performance indicators to drop, even cause machine accidents. Therefore, must pay attention to in construction machinery spare parts especially NSK bearing excavator selection and technical maintenance, a high quality NSK bearings can improve the working life of the engineering machinery, improve work efficiency, thus improve on economic benefit.

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