How to put butter excavator crawler? How to prevent drag chain

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Excavator arm, forearm, scoop, large rotating ring gear box, caterpillar correction etc. Need to note the butter. The butter spear against the yellow nozzle, as butter spear with grease gun mouth on a straight line, swinging arm for filling grease gun pressure, filling until butter just overflow pin. CTP carter accessories remember, oscillation, the handle is of the gun barrel, oil or spear and nozzle is easy to bad, can't pull out after finished, pull the oil gun swinging pulled out a few times. Oscillation amplitude shoulds not be too big, can easily cut your choke lever. CTP carter accessories today say how to make big excavator crawler butter. CTP carter accessories in drivers crawler inside, can find a drain valve, drain valve outside the end is a grease nipple, remember to dumping crawler is very dangerous, when tight oil cylinder under the pressure of the vehicle, butter injection pressure is very high, put do not pay attention to when it is easy to produce risk, looking for a sleeve, gently twist a ring nozzle, found that after the butter yellow nozzle in, just stopped to let the butter under the effect of stress yourself out, put aside for a period of time, and then gently twist a ring nozzle, so, had better look for professional personnel, or put the work to do before, the work for inexperienced people, very dangerous, improper handling, ejected yellow nozzle will head the breakdown. CTP carter accessories how to avoid drivers to take off the chain? This time you may not know. 1, when tight oil cylinder failure to take off the chain. At this point, you should check up tight forgot to butter, oil cylinder is whether bullish tight oil cylinder oil leakage phenomenon. 2, track abrasion caused by serious to take off the chain. If long time use, caterpillar must be worn, and track chain, trunk and other parts of wear can also lead to track to take off the chain. 3, chain caused by the wear to take off the chain. Now almost all the excavator crawler is chain, the chain guard to prevent to take off the chain can play a very important role, so check for wear chain device is also very important. CTP accessories carter 4, drive motor gear ring caused by the wear to take off the chain. For motor drive gear ring, if wear serious, we need to change, this is an important factor excavator to take off the chain. 5, take off the chain sprocket damage caused. In general, sprocket oil seal oil can lead to a chain wheel wear serious, this will lead to track to take off the chain. 6, guide wheel damage caused to take off the chain. Check the guide wheel, is to examine the guide wheel screw is not short of above, if there is a fracture. The slot card guide wheel, have the variant. How to avoid the excavator crawler chain derailment? 1, when walking on the site, please try to put walking motor at walking behind, reduce the extrusion for sprockets. 2, machine walking time can't more than 2 hours in a row, should try to reduce the time walking on the site, if necessary, suggest to walk again after a stop halfway. CTP parts 3, carter walked to avoid raised hard thing, lest cause on-orbit stress on the chain set. 4, confirm the track of firmness, in such as soft soil will be tracked, tight regulation when walking on rock crawler adjust loose points. Caterpillar is bad too loose or too tight, too loose lead to track easily derailed, too tight will cause chain wear too fast. CTP carter parts 5, often check whether there is involved in rocks such as foreign body inside the track, so need to clean up. 6, in the muddy work at the construction site, need to often idle will track deposition of dirt in the row. 7, try to avoid excavator circles. 8, regularly check the guardrail and welding of the guard rails under the guide wheel.
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