How to protect the hydraulic pump when using hammer

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Hammer is the most commonly used excavators surface of tooling, we are a professional sales machine company, and provide door-to-door installation broken hammer, its work principle is the impact of the reciprocating fast movement, oil return speed is fast and relatively large pulse, cause the hydraulic oil aging faster, so you need to correct for excavator maintenance, improper use, can effectively extend the service life of the hydraulic system. Because of the broken hammer requirements for working pressure and flow rate is low ( Such as excavator, 20 ton 160 - work pressure The 140-180 kg, flow 180升/分钟) , and work medium gas; If down work not only improve the crackdown will cause abnormal hydraulic oil temperature, the hydraulic system will be hurt. In use process, need the right beat butter posture, frequency, quantity, please do in steel pressure straight ( The vertical pressure drill fully into the cylinder) State added grease, filling every 2 hours. If steel hung up in a state of lubricating grease, oil will enter combat indoor, strikes against the interior can produce abnormal high pressure oil into the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pump failure due to the hydraulic oil pollution is one of the main reasons, so should confirm the hydraulic oil pollution condition in time. ( Replace the hydraulic oil 600 hours, 100 hours) core replacement 。 Hydraulic oil lack will produce cavitation phenomenon caused by hydraulic pump fault, broken hammer piston cylinder body injury, etc. ; Advice: check the oil level before using every day. Oil seal belong to wearing parts, it is recommended that the hammer work - 600 800 hours, to replace a broken hammer oil seal; Must immediately stop work when the oil seal leakage, and replace the oil seal, no dust easily into the hydraulic system, hydraulic system damage, damage to the hydraulic pump. Installing a hammer pipe must be cleaned thoroughly, and on into the oil circulation and docking; Change when digging bucket, must be broken hammer pipe plug, keep the pipeline cleaning, sand and other debris into the easy damage after hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system.
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