How to protect the excavator parts - — Knapper hydraulic pump

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Crushing operation in the process of excavator work a common job. In the process of crushing operations, the impact of the excavator parts knapper is reciprocating fast movement, oil return speed is fast and relatively large pulse, cause the hydraulic oil aging faster, so you need to device for crushing the excavator hydraulic pump for proper use and maintenance, in order to effectively prolong the service life of the hydraulic system. Today, small make up for you finishing the knapper hydraulic pump maintenance tips, will quickly learn together!

appropriate engine speed ( Medium gas) Crushing machine for excavator attachments requirements for working pressure and flow rate is low, Such as excavator, 20 ton 160 - work pressure The 140-180 kg, flow 180升/分钟) , so using medium throttle work; If large throttle work not only improve the crackdown, also can cause abnormal hydraulic oil temperature, the hydraulic system can cause substantial damage. Using high quality crushing machine ( With the accumulator Inferior broken due to the design, fabrication, inspection in accordance with the standards implementation, in use process prone to failure, therefore, are more likely to cause damage of excavator. Must choose a rock crushing, slotting and the crushing of concrete, etc. , have extensive application of broken.

the oil pressure and oil pollution condition of oil hydraulic oil pollution is one of the main reasons resulting in failure of hydraulic pump, so should confirm the hydraulic oil pollution condition in time. ( Replace the hydraulic oil 600 hours, 100 hours to replace filter) In addition, the hydraulic oil lack will produce cavitation phenomenon caused by hydraulic pump fault, broken piston cylinder body injury problems. So you need to check the oil level before use every day. Beat the butter please correct in the condition of steel pressure straight added grease, should inject once every 2 hours. If steel hung up in a state of lubricating grease, oil will enter indoor hit, hit indoor will produce abnormal high pressure oil into the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic pump.

in a timely manner to replace oil seal oil seal is vulnerable parts of an excavator parts, suggest knapper 600 - at work 800 hours, replacement of a broken seal; When oil seal leakage must immediately stop work, replace the oil seal, dust or easy to enter the hydraulic system, damage to the hydraulic system and hydraulic pump. Excavator knapper hydraulic pump maintenance method is introduced to here, hope to be able to get help for you.

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