How to properly maintain excavator digging bucket?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
As is known to all, digging bucket is an important part of the excavator working device of excavator out in some specific workplace, the most used attachment is digging bucket. But compared to the engine, hydraulic parts, and many other major components of excavator, excavator digging bucket of simple construction often doesn't get too much attention to the user, then scoop really don't need maintenance? Naturally the answer is NO! Is suitable for various excavator digging bucket, make job so maybe the article at this point, you will find your scoop is just a simple working device, it has no desire to look again. Then you are wrong, excavator digging bucket is excavator work of the most common terminal device of all the attachments, but it's different according to the material and the function of the foot can be divided into dozens of different types, in daily work, the right to choose different types of digging bucket, both in efficiency and cost control of construction to achieve the ideal effect. Such as dug ditches drivers they knew, with v-shaped bucket to dig ditches than the standard on the drivers scoop to come easy. Correct maintenance drivers bucket, the gross margin can be increased by 15% as the saying goes: to do a good job, must first sharpen his machine! We mention according to different working condition there are dozens of different types of scoop on the market for you to choose from, single will safeguard your existing bucket, can increase construction efficiency, control the construction cost, do you believe that? In fact, the domestic excavator user to scoop generally exists misunderstanding, the majority of people believe that the greater the excavator digging bucket construction efficiency is higher; Excavator digging bucket is thick and strong life is longer and longer, and then to reinforce excavator digging bucket for blind. This small make up is not approved, if the omni-directional to save scoop, then certainly will increase the weight of every bucket digging scoop, heavy machines digging bucket will not only increase fuel consumption, while overload operation of machine has considerable influence life, this little loss cannot be ignored. Experts have done a research: digging bucket weight increase 0. 5 tons, cycle increased by 10%, the annual gross profit will reduce 15%. What actually under normal circumstances, the manufacturer standard bucket is with reasonable structure and design, fully qualified for the general working conditions. If it is condition is bad, need to strengthen, so it is recommended that you also want to be in the need to strengthen parts of welding, not the whole welding, don't give love machine digging bucket wrapped in thick armour. Correct maintenance excavator digging bucket, bucket tooth is the key bucket tooth is terminal of excavator working device, bucket tooth in the process of mining operations is one of the largest working parts, load belongs to consumable parts, especially in the stone construction environment, bucket tooth wear special fast. Bucket tooth the usage of good or bad, in fact also can directly affect the excavator's working efficiency and the production cost, just think, when the tip of the bucket tooth part wear serious, excavators in mining operations cuts need to increase the strength of the inevitable, to produce more fuel consumption and affect the working efficiency. So, at the time of inspection to the bucket tooth loss serious, timely replacement of the new bucket tooth is very necessary. Excavator digging bucket will do daily check in excavator daily maintenance work, if you can every day to fuel oil, lubricating oil, water and air to check, then it can reduce 70% of the failures. If you want to let you love machine in the daily work better, with the economy, then spend 2 minutes to make a check on the bucket. Main examination content is: the wear degree and the bucket body is whether there is a crack, if wear degree is more serious, you should consider for reinforcement. As to the bucket body have crack, welding repair should be in a timely manner, to avoid being delayed maintenance and increase the length of crack, a can maintain. In addition to kicking scoop dipper teeth, check whether foot fights, if there is a loosening of the bucket tooth, should instantly tighten.
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