How to prevent buy excavator parts were tricked into

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Today, there are still many people buy excavator attachments to cheat, you baidu 'excavator attachments liar, search a lot, really hate to think of it. Maybe someone will say, buy accessories don't go online, go to the store to buy, but is now the Internet age, just go to store to buy a spare parts, time cost is too big, the chat tools, WeChat, trill search, can find a sell drivers accessories, only good and evil people mixed up, this distinction, the next thing I'd like to on some common sense to talk about how to distinguish between them. When you find these accessories business on the Internet, you can telephone contact, plus WeChat etc. After that, ask accessories, look at their professional degrees, if random individual, then stay at a respectful distance from sb, the reason is very simple, because we need a professional accessories business. You what all don't understand, why it's service for you? After add WeChat ( 什么? No WeChat sell accessories? Do you find him do? ) , circle of friends, you can see him everyday, send the accessories pictures, if only three days to see, that you have to be careful, if you can forward on one or two years, often have to send pictures of accessories, the credibility is high. If you add the trill, also can see his video. Sometimes inquiry, you asked some accessories, accessories, we also can provide some picture for customer reference, of course, original and imported parts, such as the general picture won't open it for you, but if you ask some general parts, time permits, will take pictures to see. Just inquiry people every day is too much, can't meet one by one, thus there are a lot of people will say that photos are not to see, is often a liar, this is we don't agree with. In business, see the fate, plus WeChat, like between men and women fall in love, love at first sight, of course, there are, in a few words will clinch a deal is minority after all, a lot of business, it will take time, less is about ten days half a month, is one or two years long, build up the trust slowly. So when looking for a new component supplier, also not emergency in a moment. A variety of terms, is the payment terms, if you require to send express, and express if not collecting, businesses require payment first also is very reasonable. Send logistics, especially the heavy piece, like a chain, digging bucket digging bucket, charge a part of the deposit is human, to care, are you afraid of risk, merchants, goods sent, don't you go to, that all risks in the business side. The cost of freight is a lot of back and forth. In the end, you can see the phone accessories business with WeChat, check the use fixed number of year, and see whether it is formal, all can look up to the baidu, have a professional website, etc. , all of these can be used to determine whether formal accessories dealer. Say you baidu search ', 'in the eye, such as baidu trust can check the corresponding information, that is owned by the company.
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