How to maintain the excavator hydraulic tubing

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Hydraulic pipe is relatively delicate excavator attachments, a set of original hydraulic pipe price does not poor. Want to prolong the service life of hydraulic pipe, mainly by the driver of the movement wants downy, don't do high strength, high risk action. Proper maintenance way, also largely affect the service life of hydraulic pipe. Let's introduce a few kinds of hydraulic pipe maintenance way. 1. Must wear set: the gear pump and plunger pump has oil pulsation at work, the pulse can make the high frequency vibration of the hydraulic pipe of the high frequency vibration cannot be completely eliminated. So hydraulic pipe outside set of dedicated skirts, the roots of the upper arm tube ( Plastic cover) And lower head tube ( Wire sets) In some, the protective role very well. 2. Don't rub: some excavator hydraulic pipe is then, length is not good, easy and lower friction interference, or fold the dead corner. Interference friction will wear hydraulic tube outer wall, outer wall caused by local thinning, in under the action of high pressure, tube occur easily. Hydraulic pipe bending death cause partial pressure, local temperature, easy to cause hydraulic tube explosion. 3. Don't touch wood gasoline: try not to make the hydraulic tube contact petrol and diesel, although it is hydraulic pipe is oil resistant, but still have certain corrosive diesel and gasoline, general rubber swell colloid fluffy long-term immersion of a petrol and diesel. 4. Interface butter: walking and center points under the oiler and the motor cover 2 calcium base must be used after the regular cleaning butter into a protective layer, buckle also put on the tube, to avoid rusting of the place. 5. Installed in place: pipe and excavators, make sure to tighten the when installation. No tightening, vibration loose oil leakage is small, if the vibration abrasion interface plane was in trouble. Because the work device of the hydraulic pump all kinds of valve has a different degree of wear and tear, with a hydraulic oil of high viscosity, can maintain pressure, but also increase the rate of the hydraulic pipe tube.
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