How to maintain hammer

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Hammer excavator is one of the most commonly used tools, often in the demolition, mining, urban construction need to be broken. How to properly maintain of broken hammer? Because the working conditions of broken hammer is very bad, correct maintenance can reduce extend the service life of the machine, the machine in addition to the correct maintenance of host also should pay attention to the following: check whether the bolt looseness; The connecting pin is excessive wear: check the drill rod bushing with the clearance of hammer and normal line do you have any oil leakage. For the working device lubricating points every time before operation and continuous operation 2 lubrication should be made for the lubricating points in the future. Use the hammer work engineering machinery hydraulic oil change for 600 hours, at the same time to check the hydraulic oil temperature below 800 ℃. The choice of the hydraulic oil determines the efficiency of hydraulic hammer. Summer is recommended to use 68 # anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended to use in winter 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil. According to the specific work environment, please take into consideration the hydraulic oil. Using the pollution of hydraulic oil will lead to a broken hammer and engineering mechanical malfunction and damage and accessories, so please pay special attention to the hydraulic oil of grease.
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