How to maintain five big hook machine, the good maintenance habit

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Hook machine 1: engine oil, engine oil filter should use is absolutely plant parts, maintenance cycle change according to the rules. Old machine more attentive caress, filter oil machine replacement time can be shortened, in order to make longer engine life. 2: diesel use regular gas station offer as far as possible, even if the regular diesel petrol station, also don't join the tank directly, before joining filtering ( Refueling is more commonly used method in sets of socks) 。 Every day before start working in the diesel oil and oil-water separator at the bottom of water. Diesel filter buy is factory, in accordance with the provisions, the maintenance cycle change of diesel oil filter. ( Clarification, filter filter paper is factory close, large amount of impurity interception, so congestion, more easily than the generic filter replacement cycle is short, so not long not blocking filter is a good filter) 。 3. : air filter regularly check, filter dust with compressed air from the outside introversion, pressure is too large to prevent broken filter. The filter is clean. Filter cleaning after 2, 3 and replace filter at the same time. 4: do not use for a long time for fuel-efficient idle work, prevent the carbon deposition. Hook machine hydraulic 1: in accordance with the provisions, maintenance cycle to replace the hydraulic oil, oil filter, pilot filter, and pay attention to the filter on any adsorption scrap iron and scrap copper. Using a crushing device, hydraulic oil degradation metamorphic acceleration, change cycle should be shortened. 2: do not work is short of oil. 3: after replace the hydraulic oil or hydraulic parts, pay attention to the exhaust air. Hook the electric 1: pay attention to waterproof, don't wade deep-water, don't directly flush with water when cleaning appliances. 2: don't be in the battery box pile up sundry, especially metal tools, etc. , easy to cause fire. 3: do not use copper wire instead of insurance, also don't replace with substandard insurance. 4: hook machine to remove the battery while the parking line to prevent feed for a long time. 1: hook machine mechanical rotary gear reducer, walking speed reducer according to the periodic change of gear oil. Part 2: pin pay attention to clean up the dirt sundry, loaded with butter. 3: wading, the water overflow the slewing gear ring, pay attention to the change in the rotary gear ring of butter. 4: pay attention to the antirust oil cylinder rod. 5: hook machine long-term parking when butter rust will bare metal parts. Hook machine structure 1: check the pin shaft bolt is loose, fall off, every day is missing, and tighten. Every day 2: look for cracking and deformation structure. 3: parking hook machine, pay attention to the surrounding environment, parked at the stable solid hard ground, don't stop on the river, the edge of the cliff, hillside, prevent the accident. 4: when parked bucket cylinder completely recover, bucket to the ground, to prevent the cylinder was hit. If you can according to the above mentioned five big of hook machine maintenance, believe you hook the opportunity for a long time energetic, nature, its status is good, your purse the state of nature will be very good oh.
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