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How to know and solve basic hydraulic breaker problems?

How to know and solve basic hydraulic breaker problems?


  In order for customers to know and solve the problems of basic hydraulic breakers, we have listed a list of typical failure problems and solutions. Of course, we have a professional team that can propose solutions for you, but in order to ensure that your work is not delayed, the most It is better to take a few minutes to understand the following information.


1. Piston rupture

 If the breaker suddenly stops working, the problem may be a broken piston. How to determine whether the piston is really broken, then you have to disassemble the hydraulic breaker and check whether the surface of the piston is broken. If you see a broken piston, you can determine it is a broken piston. If you see it intact ,You also can't take it easy. The surface may be good, but it is actually damaged inside. At this time, you can choose to contact our professional technicians to help you check the reason, pay attention! If you are not sure whether the piston is damaged, you must not continue to use the breaker!

2 Lower bushing clearance is too large

 The main reason for the damage of the piston and cylinder in the hydraulic breaker is that the clearance of the lower bushing exceeds the reasonable range. The lower bushing in the hydraulic hammer is used to align the tool with the piston and hydraulic cylinder. However, when the bushing gap exceeds a reasonable range, it will cause excessive contact between the piston and the hydraulic pressure, which will damage the sealing surface. To avoid these problems, check whether the gap between the lower bushings is within the normal range every day.

3.Open the shut-off valve and the quick fluid coupler is fully engaged

   We often receive questions about why hydraulic breakers stop working. There are two reason for this result, one is that the shut-off valve is in a closed state, and the other is that the fluid coupling is not completely engaged, which is why the hydraulic breaker often stops working. Of course, if the shut-off valve is not opened, it will not only stop the cycle, but also cause the seal energy to be too high and cause leakage. Therefore, before the hydraulic breaker is operated, please check whether the shut-off valve is open and whether all the fast fluid couplings are fully engaged .

4.The rear cover is filled with oil.

 The breaker gradually became weak during the strike, and then stopped. While measuring the nitrogen pressure. If the pressure is too high, after release, it can hit, and soon it stops hitting, and the pressure becomes higher after the measurement. After disassembly, it was found that the upper cylinder was full of hydraulic oil, and the piston could not be compressed backwards, causing the breaker to fail to work.

5.Stuck reversing valve

 The accumulator component in the pipeline dropped into the pipeline. During the inspection, it was found that the deformed parts in the directional valve were stuck to the directional valve.

6.Reversing valve clamp.

 After the disassembly inspection of the crushing hammer, it was found that the others were in good condition. In the inspection of the reversing valve, it was found that the sliding and unsmooth were more likely to produce the card. After the removal of the reversing valve spool, it may be found that the valve body has many strains.

7.bolt is broken

 The breaker is tightly combined by four bolts. When your breaker does not work, it is very likely that the bolt is broken. At this time, you can loosen a bolt of the breaker and check whether there are threads on both ends. If you find that the threads are cut off, you should Replace the bolt.The operator should check every day whether the top nut is missing, or whether the thread can be seen under the nut head. It can be viewed from the top of the breaker under the top bracket. When the side bolts are loosened or damaged, some of the main parts of the hydraulic breaker will change position and cause internal damage and leakage

 8.The hydraulic breaker is out of air

 For a hydraulic breaker to operate well, the first condition is stable air pressure. When you find that the air pipe begins to vibrate violently, it means that it is out of air and it is time to add air.

Whether you want to carry out demolition, crushing, etc., the hydraulic breaker must operate normally, otherwise it will delay our progress, so we will have a professional technical team to answer your questions 24 hours a day, and we are happy to provide you with services !

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