How to keep the excavator parts connecting rod running smoothly, the old driver to do so!

by:HMB     2021-01-19

connecting rod is one of the key component of excavator parts, such as connecting rod deformation or fracture, engine power down, broken cylinder, unpowered, suppress a car, a series of problems will follow. Engine overhaul is inevitable. small make up today to share with you is the failure of several big engine connecting rod and prevent fracture of considerations.

excavator parts connecting rod fracture cause of four big reasons:

engine cylinder into the water. Such as engine water to a certain extent, compression stroke actually became to the compression of water, connecting rod stress increases sharply, connecting rod bending deformation and fracture, even break the excavator parts cylinder body.

nozzle jet anomaly. As one engine cylinder ejector continuous injection, can lead to excavator parts connecting rod bending or short circuit, jet can appear abnormal generally start difficult, idle dithering, exhaust smoke, power drops wait for a phenomenon.

engine parts, poor lubrication in connecting rod and crankshaft, holding in death of the connecting rod bend or break. Mainly because of lack of poor lubrication oil or replacement of clean engine oil on time.

the deputy factory of the original or poor quality of excavator attachments easy to cause the damage of connecting rod.

prevent damage of excavator parts connecting rod, should pay attention to the following three points:

1, the use of high grade engine oil.

2, regularly check the oil, oil shortage are added, to prevent the engine work is short of oil.

3, every 500 hours must be replaced original high quality engine oil, engine oil for a long time will not be changed, easy to lose lubrication.

4, use and in antifreeze in time.

antifreeze generally replaced once every two years, antifreeze, once the failure will cause the freezing point rise, in the winter when the temperature is too low, very easy to freeze expansion and damage the radiator and engine. The other different brand different types of antifreeze can not mix.

5, regular cleaning the engine

engine operation after a period of time, easy to produce the harmful substances, such as coke, colloid and sludge accumulated over time. Sludge will cause the engine fuel consumption increase, the power drop, serious when even cause engine damage. At this point, the need to clean the engine. small make up recommend once every 500 hours of engine for cleaning and maintenance.

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