How to judge fault drivers

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Excavator with the increase of using time, some parts will occur or aging, wear and corrosion and the occurrence of these phenomena will bring excavator failure of one sort or another, so as to make the excavators can't work normally. Look at the fuel system, and see whether the lack of diesel engine, to see if the filter need to drain, etc. ; To see if the battery power is enough, electric line is burning, the phenomenon such as black, fault; Whether starter motor speed is too low or not; See if the cooling system problems, such as damage of cooling fan, fan belt slack, etc. In addition, we should also pay attention to see if air cleaner appear jams, oil is missing, etc. See the time of hydraulic system, generally want to see from the following several aspects: whether the forearm is shaking, whether to have burst; See whether oil cylinder burst leakage phenomenon; If the hydraulic oil pollution phenomenon; The tubing to see if there is any breakage and leakage. See walking system, walking system basically see walking slip-adjusting, if there is if there are running deviation phenomenon need to check the following aspects: whether roller wear; Whether all bolts are loose; See a caterpillar, sprocket, guide wheel is badly worn; See if there is a crack phenomenon chassis. In addition, we also pay attention to examine walking hydraulic pump and motor, and see whether they appear the problem.
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