How to install the turbocharger

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Turbocharger turbine and compressed air is made of machinery, engine installed turbocharger, engine speed faster, the impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, the corresponding increase in fuel quantity and adjust the rotating speed of engine, in order to increase the output power of engine. So the biggest advantage of the turbocharger is under the condition of the engine remains the same, a substantial increase in power. After installation of turbocharger, can make the output power increased by 40%, and can improve the engine's fuel economy and reduce emissions. To guarantee the normal work of the supercharger, must be in strict accordance with the following requirements for installation. 1, the turbocharger turbine shell inlet flange bolt directly fixed on engine exhaust pipe, the other connection must be flexible, heavy pipe must be supported. Install the supercharger, must use clean engine oil injection preparation lubrication oil inlet. 2, the supercharger is installed on the engine, the shell in the middle of the oil export straight down, special circumstances its Angle is less than 23 degrees. 3, lubricating oil filter, the largest particle shall not exceed 30 microns. Filter for the flow type paper filter. 4, lubricating oil brand to meet the requirements of the engine manufacturers to ensure clean engine oil on the supercharger, is the key to guarantee the supercharger life ( The oil level shall not be lower than CD15W / 40) 。 5, 3 ~ 4 seconds after engine starting supercharger inlet must show the oil pressure, prevent damage of turbocharger bearing system due to lack of lubricating oil. 6, runtime engine load, hydraulic must in 196000 ( 20 kg/cm2) To 392000 mpa, 40 kg/cm2) It is safe to between; When idle, hydraulic shall be not less than 70000 mpa ( 0. 7 kg/cm2) 。 Minimum 7, into the tubing diameter is 95 mm, minimum return pipe diameter of 19 mm ( Accurate size see product manual) 。 Oil return by gravity from the supercharger, return pipe road into the engine, the return pipe lubricating oil surface in the export should be higher than the engine oil pan, return pipe section should be no shrinkage. 8, air filter pressure shall not exceed 500 mm water column in the filter cartridge should avoid moisture state, otherwise it will significantly increase the pressure drop. After 9, turbine exhaust pressure should not exceed 500 mm water column.
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