How to install the caterpillar crankshaft tile

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Where tile is installed on the crankshaft, believe that for some new small white, this knowledge is really a little upset. But the little knowledge know more about the car, is helpful in later days. In order to answer this question, let's give a crank shaft tile installation schematic picture. Tile installation diagram of crankshaft crankshaft position, actually on the crankshaft and cylinder fixed on the bracket, not only can have the effect of support and lubrication of the crankshaft, and on each bearing shell has a positioning bulge, which have the effect of crankshaft axial positioning. So, what's the installation steps can be said to be relatively simple, as long as the positioning convex card to the inside of the cylinder body positioning groove is ok. It is worth mentioning that the new bearing to a hole inside, also check distance between upper and lower two pieces of each end, should be higher than that of bearing seat plane 0. 03 - 0. 05mm。 Because it can ensure the bearing shell and hole tightly, so as to increase the cooling effect. Second, screw and meet the corresponding torque ( 10 - 20 n· m) 。 But don't twist too tight, otherwise will lead to the bolt stress is too big, not only caused the internal thread of sliding tooth, and bolt deformation, we still have some chances. Before, assembly, using compressed air purging and spindle oil hole of crankshaft, and cleaning of the crankshaft and the spindle tile, ensure smooth oil, surface clean. 2, the crankshaft and balance iron tightening device, must tighten. 3, the main shaft of inside and outside surface should be smooth, mating surface should be smooth, can not have crack, air hole, scratches, bruised, crushed and defects such as inclusions. 4, bearing hole bolts, tile back and bearing inner hole joint degrees of bearing outside diameter D≤ 200 mm, should not be less than 85% of the area of the backing; D> 200 mm, should not be less than 70% of the area of the backing; If there is no joint surface, scattered distribution,, and the largest concentration area should not be greater than 10% of the area of the backing or with 0. 02 mm feeler to fit into qualified. 5, tile back not face coating, coating should be uniform, can not have plating tumor. Bearing inner surface of the alloy is unfavorable research, if contact with the journal, it can only trace scraping, scraping the allowance is commonly 0. 04 ~ 0. 08mm。 After 6, scraping the bearing shell ( The second half of the bearing shell) Babbitt layer should have more than two-thirds of the arc length and the crankshaft neck contact, the contact point is 2 ~ 5 PM/cm. When repairing scraping, should make the crankshaft with the same level; crankcase Should also often use feeler detect corners of bearing and shaft neck cooperate with clearance, the gap value deviation shall not be more than 0. 4 mm, in order to assure spindle center line and the center line of the crankshaft coaxial. Crankshaft (7, The spindle) Bearing and spindle radial clearance of collar should conform to table 1 & ndash; — The terms of the 1. Methods commonly used in tile edging and subtract gasket, make each tile gap to obtain requirements; Gap measuring pressure lead method and feeler is often used to measure, and the feeler plug size smaller than the actual gap measurement about 0. 02mm。 Tile edging the side clearance of tip clearance of 1/2, and the degree of inequality should not exceed 0. 02mm。 8, is equipped with axial positioning on both sides of the spindle, into a semicircle copper ring, on both sides of the axial location clearance should be equal, the clearance should be 0. 20 ~ 0. Choose between 50 mm. 9, spindle watts after shave, should check the center line of the crankshaft and along the horizontal direction and vertical direction stand center line of alignment. Level is commonly used to determine the center line of the crankshaft and the fuselage of the center line of the vertical horizontal deflection, the levelness of the crank shaft neck and base the levelness of the bearing hole difference should be less than 0. 02mm/m; Horizontal direction, usable scale for measuring end of the crank and base bearing hole spacing, on the left, the right of the distance difference should not exceed 0. 01mm/m。 After 10, bearing bolt tightening torque and tightening the elongation should comply with the provisions of the requirements. 11, the crankshaft after installation, puts the crank pin 0 & deg; 90度; 180度; 270度; Four locations, with inside diameter micrometer to measure the distance between the adjacent crank arm, the deviation shall not be greater than 104 piston stroke. Check the crank journal for main journal in vertical four position parallel to each other, the deviation shall not be greater than zero. 15mm/m。 After 12, bearing assembly qualified, but also should undertake the crankshaft crank sent inspection, crank difference should not exceed 0. 02mm/100mm。 13, after completion of the above, remove the crankshaft lift shaft, crankshaft, thoroughly clean the spindle tile, tile and tile fuselage cover parts; According to the tags placed each spindle watts, crankshaft, installed on both sides of the tile edging pads; The axis neck drip into the appropriate lubricating oil; According to the number placed each spindle upper tile, adjusted the tile edging cover gaskets according to the number after each tile cover; Tighten bolts spindle watts, uniform cross to provisions on tight force; Plug test tile top clearance, confirm tile gap within the rules, the final will be locking cap or other locking devices installed
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