How to install and remove the excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-15

excavator bearing inner ring and the shaft is a tight fit, outer ring and shell as a loose fit, available press on the bearing installation first, then the shaft together with the excavator bearings into shell, support when pressed on the face on a soft metal materials assembling casing ( Copper or soft steel tube) 。 Assembling casing inside diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of a journal, outside diameter should be less than the rim diameter of excavator bearing inside diameter, to avoid pressure in keeping the frame. A large number of installation can add a handle on the casing. When installation to make the hole and shaft centerline. Excavator bearings relative axial skewed installation difficulties not only, and will cause the indentation, shaft bending, and even can make the inner ring fracture.

excavator bearing installation and removal methods, should according to the structure, size, and cooperate with parts of nature. Installation, remove the pressure should be directly in the tight fit archives circle on the face, not through the excavator bearing roller pressure, because it will cause indentation in the work surface, affect the normal work, may even make it to further deteriorate. Excavator bearing cage, sealing ring, dust cover and so on parts is easy to deformation, install or remove the pressure added on these parts.

in the absence or cannot use the press, assembly sleeve and small hammer can install excavator bearings. Hammer force should be evenly spread to excavator bearing ring end face of the whole on the circumference of a circle, therefore assembling casing under the hammer face should be made into spherical.

excavator bearing outer ring and shell holes for tight fit, inner ring and the shaft for a loose fit, the bearing can be pressed into the housing first, then assembling casing diameter should be slightly less than the diameter of the shell hole.

heating installation, needed to install excavator bearing force and size and cooperate with related to the size of the amount of interference, the interference to the large amount of medium and large excavator bearings commonly used the method of hot charging. The ring before hot charging into the fuel tank or dedicated heater evenly heating to 80 ~ 100 ℃ ( Should not exceed 100 ℃) 。

excavator bearing inner ring and the shaft, the outer ring and shell holes are tight fit, assembling casing can end should be made at the same time pressure inside and outside the ring width of the circle, or with a disc and assembling casing, make the pressure at the same time to the inside and outside the circle, the excavator bearing pressure into the shaft and housing. This installation method is particularly suited to automatically adjust heart to the heart of the spherical bearing installation.

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