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How to install and disassemble the hydraulic breaker correctly?

How to install and disassemble the hydraulic breaker correctly?


How to install and disassemble the hydraulic breaker correctly?

The hydraulic breaker has become an important tool for hydraulic excavators. The hydraulic breaker is also called hydraulic breaker or hydraulic rock breaker. The excavator uses hydrostatic pressure as the power to drive the piston to reciprocate and hit the drill rod at high speed during the stroke of the piston. Crushing large solid objects such as ore and concrete by drill rods can efficiently crush and remove stones and rocks. It is an important helper for modern building demolition, mining, roads, and civil engineering.

Bucket and breaker work alternately. During the replacement process, because the hydraulic pipeline is easily contaminated, it should be disassembled and installed as follows. To

Demolition method of hydraulic breaker

1. Move the excavator to a plain site free of mud, dust and debris, turn off the engine, release the pressure in the hydraulic pipeline and the gas in the fuel tank, and then unload the bucket.



2. Connect the oil pipe of the breaker to the oil outlet and the oil inlet, start the excavator, open the oil outlet and oil inlet shut-off valves, add the excavator throttle for one minute to flush the oil circuit. Then, turn the shut-off valve installed at the end of the boom 90 degrees to the OFF position to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing out. Remove the oil pipe.


3. Check the shaft diameter and opening of the breaker and the shaft diameter and width of the excavator. After matching, apply butter on the pin and install the breaker. Connect the oil inlet pipe and the oil return pipe respectively.

4. Put butter into the front sleeve of the breaking hammer, add the depth after the flat pin, put the drill rod into the front cylinder, and then install the flat pin, horizontal pin and plug.

5. Open the shut-off valve, raise the hammer, hold the drill rod against the stone, adjust the overflow valve, and slowly increase the throttle to make the hammer move.

6. If the impact force is not enough, check the cylinder nitrogen pressure, if the impact force is not enough, then check the accumulator pressure

7. If the striking frequency of the breaking hammer is too fast or too slow, turn the FM needle appropriately until the breaking hammer has the best striking effect.

8. Safety tips, when hitting stones, people should stay away from the breaker to ensure the safety of personnel!

How to install the breaker

1. Align the center of the hammer shell with the center of the forearm, gently lower the forearm, and install the pin.

2. Install the pin on the arm side first, then operate the bucket cylinder, and then install the pin on the connecting rod side


3. Remove the plugs of each hose and hard pipe, and then connect them.

4. Open the stop valve of the forearm hard tube.




If the breaker is not used for a long time, please keep it as follows

1) Clean the outside of the breaker;

2) After removing the steel drill from the shell, apply anti-corrosion oil;

3) Before pushing the piston to the nitrogen chamber, the nitrogen in the nitrogen chamber must be sent out;

4) When reassembling, lubricate all parts of the breaker before assembling.


 Yantai Jiwei Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds you that it is best not to replace and install hydraulic breakers at will before you have made preparations, because installing hydraulic breakers on excavators is a professional technical work, and improper installation and operation are not only It will affect the efficiency of construction and also bring safety hazards to the excavator and hydraulic breaker itself. To solve the difficulties of customers in this respect, Yantai Jiwei can provide online guidance and video guidance.

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