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how to increase the working efficiency of the hydraulic pulverizer?

how to increase the working efficiency of the hydraulic pulverizer?


  The installation and operation of the hydraulic pulverizer of the excavator:


 1. Connect the pin hole of the hydraulic crusher with the pin hole of the front end of the excavator;

2. Connect the pipeline on the excavator with the hydraulic pulverizer;

 3. After installation,start working.


   The mechanical equipment used in the demolition process generally includes hydraulic breakers, hydraulic pulverizers, and mechanical  pulverizer. In projects with no restrictions on noise and construction period, hydraulic hammers are generally used for demolition. For projects that have requirements for nuisance and efficiency, hydraulic pulverizer and mechanical pulverizer are usually used. Due to the high economic value brought by hydraulic pulverizer for excavators, they are widely used in the industry.


   Excavator hydraulic pulverizers are the same as hydraulic hammers. They are installed on the excavator and use separate pipelines. In addition to crushing concrete, they can also replace manual trimming and packing of steel bars, which further releases labor.


How to improve the crushing efficiency?

    Excavator hydraulic pulverizers are composed of a tong body, a hydraulic cylinder, a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. The external hydraulic system provides oil pressure for the hydraulic cylinder, so that the movable jaw and the fixed jaw can be combined together to achieve the effect of crushing objects. It comes with a blade. Rebar can be cut. Hydraulic Pulverizers are driven by hydraulic cylinders to the size of the angle between the movable tongs and the fixed tongs to achieve the purpose of crushing objects. The hydraulic cylinder acceleration valve can increase the operating speed of the cylinder and increase the hydraulic crushing while keeping the thrust of the cylinder unchanged. The work efficiency of the pliers.


   When the hydraulic pulverizers are installed on the excavator, the required oil pressure and flow are all from the excavator's hydraulic system, and the maximum ratings are used. Therefore, if the hydraulic crusher has a greater crushing force, the hydraulic cylinder must have a greater thrust. To increase the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder, the bottom area of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder must be increased.


   At the same time, because the flow rate of the hydraulic oil remains unchanged, the bottom area of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder increases, so the operating speed of the hydraulic cylinder becomes slower, so that the working efficiency of the hydraulic pulverizer cannot be improved. In view of this situation, it is necessary to study a device that can increase the operating speed of the hydraulic cylinder under the condition that the driving oil pressure, flow and thrust of the hydraulic cylinder remain unchanged, so as to increase the working efficiency of the hydraulic pulverizer.


Under normal circumstances, the weight of hydraulic crushing tongs is relatively heavy, so pay special attention to care and maintenance when using it.


1. When buying, you must choose a regular manufacturer, the quality must be guaranteed, and the after-sales service must be guaranteed.


2. The gear oil should be replaced periodically for the rotating speed reducer and the walking speed reducer.


3. Pay attention to remove the dirt and debris on the pin shaft, and add proper amount of butter to the accessories of the crushing tongs. The crushing pliers are designed with a large roller, and the bite force is stronger.


4. During wading operations, if the water level exceeds the rotating gear ring, pay attention to replace the butter in the rotating gear ring after the work is completed.


5. If the excavator needs to be parked for a long time, the exposed metal parts need to be greased to prevent rust.


6. Operators who have received professional training should be arranged to operate correctly, so as not to break the crushing pliers

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