How to ensure the hydraulic system operation requirements and reduce the loss?

by:HMB     2021-01-28
When the machinery used to achieve a certain life, will lead to the loss of power of caused the decline in efficiency. So, how can we avoid this kind of phenomenon? Today, small make up take you to learn, how to minimize the power loss in the hydraulic system. Diversity due to hydraulic system operation condition, the traffic demand will be different, and sometimes big, sometimes small, so we must observe carefully, with different hydraulic pump flow rate and will exist different levels of power loss. When a actuator of speed control requirements, then we should satisfy the requirement of speed in at the same time to minimize the loss of power. Among them, the common speed loop are: throttling speed control circuit, volume control circuit, volume throttling speed control circuit. The throttling speed control circuit of large power loss, low speed stability is good. And volumetric speed control loop neither overflow losses, no throttling loss, high efficiency, but poor stability at low speed. If you want to meet the requirements of both at the same time, can use differential pressure type of variable pump and throttle valve volume throttling speed control circuit, and at the ends of the throttle pressure difference is small, as far as possible to reduce the pressure loss. In addition, when the hydraulic oil flow through all kinds of hydraulic valve exists inevitable pressure loss and flow loss, this part of the energy loss of occupies a large proportion in the total energy loss. Therefore, choose the hydraulic device, adjusting pressure valve pressure is also an important aspect for reducing power loss. Traffic flow control valve according to the system selection range and guarantee the stability of the minimum flow can satisfy the use requirement, the pressure of the pressure valve in the hydraulic equipment under the condition of normal work, try to get a lower pressure. In addition, in addition to the above matters that should be paid attention, to choose the appropriate hydraulic oil is Paramount. When the hydraulic oil in the pipeline flow, there will be a sticky phenomenon, make its produce larger friction, causing the oil heat, add oil flow resistance at the same time. When the viscosity is too low, easy to cause leakage, will reduce the volumetric efficiency. Therefore, when choosing hydraulic oil shall be based on different work environment choose different hydraulic oil, prevent oil because of changes in the working environment and adverse viscous phenomenon, influence the work smoothly, serious when excavator hydraulic system or equipment failure as a whole.
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