How to eliminate excavator slow problem

by:HMB     2021-01-16
Excavator as an indispensable equipment in the construction of the project, due to the load over a long period of time homework and harsh construction environment, and many other factors, will inevitably be in the construction of slow, the phenomenon such as steam, it is also a lot of digging machinist will encounter problems in the daily operation. So, how to get rid of the excavators of slow?

excavator slow mainly displays in three aspects: single action is slow, the whole car slow, slow heat engine action. We would make a concrete analysis these three questions: 1, the overflow valve pressure check excavator components related to whether there is a low phenomenon; 2, check whether pump, low pressure sensor, multi-channel valve failure; 3, related electromagnetic valve, the valve core is whether there is a fault.

to know what is the problem, we are specific how should do? 1. First to see if timely maintenance of the machine, the hydraulic oil have replaced on time; Hydraulic circuit is blocked, please check the system pressure when idle, check whether there is oil return filter clogging phenomenon; 2. Engine output power is too low, power is insufficient, please combined with DX data analysis of the output of the engine, all cylinder is able to work at the same time; Check the presence of black smoke appeared, if nozzle wear serious, also can cause the engine power decrease; 3. Hydraulic pump output is insufficient, into the service diagnosis system can be related to pressure test; 4. Pilot pressure is insufficient cause open valve core, causing traffic is not enough, cause slow;

5。 Rule out the existence of a circuit problem, for excavator CPU, high and low pressure sensors, solenoid valve and check line fault; 6. In a timely manner to check the oil, and check whether the oil is clean, if there is dirt should be replaced immediately; Check the oil filter for copper scrap, causing the main pump wear and tear apart to see. According to the above points one by one, you can basically according to the drivers the specific reason for the slow suit the remedy to the case, learned?

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