How to correct and reasonable selection of hydraulic oil

by:HMB     2021-01-24
Correctly and reasonably choose the hydraulic oil, is the premise to ensure the high efficiency of hydraulic equipment normal operation. Here small make up remind you of the hydraulic oil select several Suggestions: 1 hydraulic oil, according to the hydraulic components factory sample and specifications recommended by the serial number of varieties to choose the hydraulic oil, or according to the hydraulic system of the nature of the work, working environment, types of hydraulic components, and economic factors such as comprehensive consideration. General is to determine the suitable viscosity range first, then choose the right varieties of hydraulic oil. 2 at the same time, consider the special requirements of hydraulic system working conditions, such as working in cold region system requires oil of high viscosity index, good low temperature fluidity, low freezing point. 3 servo system requires oily pure, compressibility, small; High pressure system requires oil good abrasion resistance. 4 when choosing hydraulic oil viscosity is an important parameter. The choice of hydraulic oil brand mainly according to the working conditions to choose the suitable viscosity. Viscosity of high and low will affect the movement of lubrication, aperture leakage flow and pressure loss, the system of heating temperature, etc. Therefore, in the high temperature, high working pressure or speed is low, in order to reduce leakage, should choose high viscosity hydraulic oil, otherwise the opposite. Above is seiko excavator repair shop small make up xiao li to provide you with the 'how to correct and reasonable selection of hydraulic oil, hope useful to you.
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