How to clean caterpillar cooling system accessories?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Fuel has been one of problems in the bosses, as well as various types of filter, actually tanks also need regular cleaning, in order to reduce the burden of filtering system. Here, just to share the fuel tank and water tank cleaning method and the other when it comes to cleaning, engine cooling system is also need to be cleaned, there is also introduced. Purge is the most simple method, ready to small air compressor. When cleaning out the fuel, but be careful not to put out, retained portion of the fuel. Then the compressed air through the plastic tube into the bottom of the tank, clean diesel constantly churning implementation, the process to transform the position and direction of the trachea, make the whole tank cleaning. Purge immediately after blow-down tank, suspended impurities in the oil with diesel oil flow out. If flow of diesel is dirty, also need the above method to clean again, until the release of oil contains no impurities. Steam cleaning effect is better, but only for conditional occasion. If there is one condition using steam can be cleaned in accordance with the following steps. Need put diesel before cleaning, remove the fuel tank, and then on the petrol tank filled up most of the cases of water, to the introduction of the refueling vapors from the water, the boiling of the water in the tank, it will take about an hour or so. Then stick on the wall in the cabinet of the colloid and all kinds of impurity were dissolved in the water or from the walls of stripping down. Two consecutive can will thoroughly rinse tank. Another common method is solvent cleaning method, use of chemicals is sodium hydroxide ( Commonly known as caustic soda or caustic soda) 。 Cleaning tank with hot water first, then use compressed air to blow dry, the next will contain 10% naoh aqueous solution in the tank baptism, finally rinse tank internal. Cleaning of tank engine cooling system also need to prepare sodium hydroxide. After the engine flameout when the temperature down, put off the cooling fluid, filled with 15% sodium hydroxide solution, such as 8 to 12 hours after starting the engine, wait until the temperature rise to 80 ~ 90 degrees downtime, immediately sent out cleaning fluid, prevent scale deposits. And then washed with water, until clean. Some cylinder cover is aluminium alloy, then according to sodium silicate ( Commonly known as paohuajian) 50 grams, 20 grams of liquid soap, the proportion of water 10 kg compound cleaning fluid, add water tank in the cooling system, running for an hour or so, and sent out cleaning fluid, wash again can. Please note: the engine fan belt too loose can lead to bad equipment heat dissipation and charge, and early wear of belt failure. The belt too tight will cause the damage of water pumps, generators, and air compressor. Please every 250 hours ( The first 50 hours) Check the fan belt tensioning degree! Inspection method: after engine shutdown, in the middle of the fan wheel and the generator pulley position downward pressure, in general, when the pressure is 10 kg, the amount of sag belt should be 10 mm. Specific models may press pressure, will be subject to actual models need to pressure.
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