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how to choose wood log grapple

how to choose wood log grapple


Wood log grapple is one of the working devices of excavators. Wood log grapple is one of excavator working device accessories designed, developed and manufactured specifically for the specific work requirements of excavators.

There are many names for excavator wood grapples: wood grab, wood grapples, grass grapples, etc. The name is different in each place. So how to choose a more suitable excavator grapple according to your own working conditions? There are two main types of log grapples:mechanical log grapple and hydraulic log grapple.

1 .Hydraulic wood grapple: convenient, practical, high-cost type

First, there is an oil cylinder on each side of the grapple to control the opening and closing of the grapple, and then there is a rotating motor at the connecting part of the wood grapple and the forearm, which can control the grapple to rotate 360 degrees to grab materials, and it is very convenient to load. Especially the loading and accumulation of wood.

This is the hydraulic rotary grapple, which is also widely used. Of course, the advantages are undoubted, but there are also its limitations, that is, the price is more expensive, the parts are more, and the protection is troublesome.

2. Mechanical wood grapple: low-cost type

There is also a cheaper wood grab that is a mechanical wood grab, which can be used without modifying the excavator pipeline and hydraulic system. It has a simple structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, and does not need to add hydraulic pipelines, and can be replaced directly like a bucket.

二、How to choose a wood grapple?

According to the user's actual working conditions and environment, it can be divided into: standard large and small arms are equipped with wood grabs, and extended arms are equipped with wood grabs (extension arms are generally not recommended to be too long). If users do not consider the problem of loading, they can choose mechanical log grapple, which is cheap and cost-effective; if customers need to grab and handle, it is recommended to use rotary log grapple, which has high practicability and saves working time. Simpler and more convenient.

 三、Prohibited wrong operation

If you want to give play to the higher working efficiency of the wood grapple, the operators are required to standardize the operation behavior and use the wood grapple correctly.

1.When using grabbing tools for building demolition operations, the building is in danger of collapsing at any time, and the demolition work should start from the height of the building.


2.Under no circumstances should the grapple be used as a lever, as this will deform the grapple or severely damage the grapple.


3.It is forbidden to grab the edge of the rock structure to prevent tearing damage or fracture of the welded part.


4.Any operation beyond the specification is prohibited to prevent damage or tearing.


5. It is forbidden to use grabs to pull heavy objects. This will cause serious damage to the grabs, and may also cause the excavator to become unbalanced and cause accidents.


6.The grapple of the wood grapple and the excavator arm are kept in a vertical position. When the grapple clamps a rock or other objects, do not extend the boom to the largest extent, otherwise it will cause the excavator to overturn instantaneously.


7.When the wood grapple clamps the iron bucket containing reinforced concrete, it is forbidden to travel or move.


8.It is forbidden to work on slopes, as there is a danger of overturning.


9.Make sure that there are no high-voltage lines in the working environment and not close to power transmission lines such as utility poles.

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