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How to choose the right bucket for your excavator?

How to choose the right bucket for your excavator?


When you want to buy the right excavator bucket for your machine, it seems that there are many choices before you. The variety of them confuses you. Choosing the wrong bucket will reduce production efficiency and fuel efficiency, which may cause serious problems. After reading this article, you will know how to choose the right bucket for your excavator, so as to achieve maximum production efficiency.

First understand the classification and application of the basic bucket

1.Standard bucket

The standard bucket is a standard bucket that is relatively common in small and medium-sized excavators. It uses a standard plate thickness, and there is no obvious reinforcement process on the bucket body. The characteristics are: the bucket has a larger capacity, a larger mouth area, and a larger stacking surface, so it has a higher filling factor, high work efficiency, and low production cost. The disadvantage is: due to the small thickness of the plate, the lack of reinforcement technology, such as the reinforcement plate and the anti-wear plate, the life is short. Suitable for lighter working environments such as general clay excavation and sand, soil, gravel loading, etc., with high efficiency and high requirements

2.Rock bucket

The rock digging bucket adopts thick plates as a whole, adding reinforcement plates at the bottom, adding side guards, installing protective plates, and high-strength bucket teeth. It is suitable for digging gravel, gravel, and soil with harder rocks, sub-hard rocks, and wind. Fossil loading and other operation sites are characterized by high-quality plate seats, pit wear, and high tensile strength.

3.Cleaning bucket

The excavator mud bucket is also known as the dredging bucket. It has no teeth and has a large width. The bucket is very suitable for surface trimming of slopes with large capacity, and dredging of rivers and ditches.

4.tilt bucket

With all the characteristics of a mud bucket, the tilting bucket can also be controlled to rotate the bucket through the action of an oil cylinder. The maximum tilt angle is 45 degrees. It can be operated without changing the position of the excavator, and can easily complete precise operations that ordinary buckets cannot. It is suitable for cleaning slopes, leveling and restoring planes, and dredging rivers and ditches. Not suitable for heavy operation environments such as excavation of hard soil and rocky soil.

Next, we have compiled a few tips for you to help you buy the right excavator bucket.

1.Your needs

  According to the bucket needs you want, choose the right bucket to ensure that the excavator bucket you buy matches your digging needs, which is essential to ensure that the job is completed correctly.

2. Bucket quality

 The quality of the bucket to be purchased is very important, because the quality of the bucket directly affects the service life and effectiveness. The structure and material of the excavator bucket are the main criteria, as this will determine the strength. The materials used in the casting process and the type of mold used will determine the strength of the teeth and how long they can last. The strength of the teeth will also determine the effectiveness of penetration. If the width of the teeth is large or the surface is blunt, the extra power provided by the excavator is needed to penetrate, resulting in more fuel consumption and greater pressure on all parts of the machine. Higher quality buckets will also have higher impact resistance and be able to withstand penetrating impacts in rocky environments.

3. Customization options

 The bucket can be customized according to different types of teeth, side edges, different shapes and additional protective devices. If you plan to change the accessories frequently, you can quickly change the accessories by purchasing a bucket with universal quick couplings.

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