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How to choose a hydraulic breaker

How to choose a hydraulic breaker


How to choose a hydraulic breaker

     As an accessory of the excavator, the hydraulic hammer needs to be selected according to the model and various data of the excavator. Different excavators choose different breakers, and the same type of excavator chooses different breakers. Therefore, when choosing a rock breaker, you must carefully consider the following issues:

一、The weight of the excavator and the size of the forearm.

   The first consideration when choosing a demolition breaker is the weight of the excavator and the size of the forearm. Considering the weight of the excavator is to prevent the breaker from breaking the balance of the excavator and causing the excavator to roll over when the weight of the breaker is too large: too small a weight may cause the excavator and breaker to not be fully utilized and reduce the service life of the breaker. Considering the size of the forearm is to prevent the breaker from being too large or too small to be installed. Therefore, when choosing a breaker, the weight and size of the excavator and the breaker should be fully considered.

二、 the type of hydraulic breaker

  According to the structure of the breaker, there are three main types of breakers: side, top, and box. Different types of breakers have their own characteristics.

(1)top type hydraulic breaker

  Features: Due to the large direct force, the vertical hammer has a greater advantage in vertical striking, especially for the crushing of stones. The breaker can work closer to the machine, so it has a larger and more comprehensive horizontal working range.

(2)side type hydraulic breaker

 Features: Triangular breaker is mostly used for mountain cutting, and it is made with a small number of parts. The number of parts is small, the failure is less, and it is easy to repair and maintain. Therefore, the triangular-shaped relatively straight-shaped breaker is more convenient for maintenance. .

(3)Silence typehydraulic breaker

  Features: The outer shell completely wraps the movement, and the outer shell is equipped with damping material, which reduces the friction between the movement and the outer shell and at the same time reduces the vibration of the carrier and reduces the problem of loosening of the shell.

三、The working flow and working pressure of the breaker.

   The flow rate determines the working frequency of the breaker, that is, the number of impacts per minute, and the flow rate is proportional to the number of impacts. Therefore, when selecting a breaker, pay attention to that the flow rate of the breaker must be consistent with the output flow of the spare valve of the excavator. When the output flow of the spare valve of the excavator is greater than the demand flow of the hydraulic breaker, it will cause the hydraulic system to generate excessive heat, resulting in The system temperature is too high, reducing the service life of the components.

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