How to avoid the excavator parts caterpillar damage

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator parts caterpillar is the most important part of walking daily homework, improper operation can lead to the breakage of the crawler. How correct homework time is efficiency, reduce failure rate is a problem we discussed today.

a. Excavator need parked right

crawler excavator should be parked in the flat areas, the ground is not stable will cause excavator crawler uneven, cause uneven stress on both sides of the track, is caused because of the pull of the crawler excavator parts damage.

2. Pay attention to rest maintenance downtime

excavator driver should pay attention to the operation of the excavator, put an end to caterpillar treads a walk time is too long, or excavator attachments caterpillar will easy to damage, also easy to cause the treads peripheral related accessories greatly shortened life expectancy.

3. Security smoothly to

when operating excavators to must be smooth, because in turning on both sides of the track when the sports are not synchronized, excavator parts will pressure is very big, at this time if the ground not level off, lead to the vertical height difference on both sides of the track, track due to the uneven force crawler is easy to break.

4. Timely tracks can be cleared debris

excavator in the process of work there will be some hard rock into the track, will these hard objects in the process of crawler walking to squeeze excavator parts driving wheel, guide wheel, cumulatively crawler clearance will be more and more big, can reduce the service life.

5. Uneven pavement homework carefully

in general excavator working surface is uneven, working in this kind of environment is easy to cause the excavator parts force imbalance, local pressure lead to loose track damage.

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