How to avoid the excavator bearing metal corrosion

by:HMB     2021-01-15

excavator bearing appearance is, in the composition of the metal steel in the environment could not avoid contact with air, oxygen and moisture constitutes the prerequisite of metal oxidation reaction. How to avoid metal rust? Small make up today for everyone to popular science knowledge.

excavator internal factors bearing corrosion

in terms of thermodynamics, the metal and its corrosion products, compared with high energy, it is not stable, have spontaneously to the trend of the corrosion products of low energy transformation, namely the excavator bearing metal corrosion is a natural phenomenon. Industry in the vast majority of metal is a multicomponent alloy, microstructure, containing impurities, different machining uneven uneven deformation, stress distribution, etc. , the physical, chemical and electrochemical inhomogeneity, when the surface of the corrosive medium or form a water film, chemical or electrochemical corrosion will happen inevitably. The influence of humidity

the environment temperature and relative humidity, dry environment ( Desert) Under the high temperature excavator bearings is not easy to rust. When the relative humidity reaches the critical value, significantly increase the influence of temperature, temperature increase 10 ℃, the corrosion speed increased by two times. Therefore, in the humid or rainy season, the higher the temperature, the more serious the rust. The influence of the relative temperature

the higher the relative humidity in the air, excavator bearing surface water film is thicker, the oxygen in the air through the water film to the metal surface. Relative humidity reaches a certain value, the corrosion rate to rise significantly, this number is called the critical relative humidity, steel critical relative humidity of about 70%. The effect of other substances atmosphere

atmosphere filled with salt spray, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and dust, will accelerate corrosion, therefore, the excavator bearing corrosion under different environment difference is obvious, the size of the city is higher than the countryside; Industrial zone above the living area; Inland coastal above; High dust is higher than low dust. The influence of oxygen

with the following reactive said rust process:

Fe + H2O & rarr; 铁( 哦) 2

菲( 哦) 2 +水+ O2→ 铁( 哦) 3

铁+水+ O2→ 铁( 哦) 3

there is no water and oxygen, the metal will not rust, the air volume is 20% oxygen, and it is pervasive.

( 3) Corrosion factors in the process of

raw materials has been corroded, processing after failing to remove; Processing in contact with the cutting fluid, lubricant, such as process materials; After pickling and improper cleaning; Heat treatment of oxidation decarburization or residual salt cleaning not net; When inspection, handling and assembly operators left hand sweat; To stress or improper to hydrogen annealing; Between process and sequestration rust is not appropriate, etc.

this can be seen that the excavator bearing corrosion and temperature, humidity, oxygen and other material and the atmosphere is directly related to secondary pollution in the process of machining. We should pay attention to each link to avoid the intervention of the above factors, to maximize reduce the probability of excavator bearings contaminated, realizing the maximization of economic benefits.

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