How rotary system of excavator maintenance?

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavator by motor, reducer, gear ring, slewing mechanism of rotary center section, etc, so how are the daily maintenance excavator slewing mechanism? By Gardner mechanical below small make up to discuss with everybody curing time trick! In the usual maintenance and repair of points to note: 1. First is the part of the big wheel excavator rotation, turning to observe big ring gear lubrication condition as well as the use of the ring gear. In excavator operations, rotary center section of the shield will appear with the increase of using frequency and time of aging problems, such as oil, water and so on, these are the use of slewing mechanism or big or small impact. In the usual maintenance maintenance, every year or every 2000 hours to check and change the rotary big wheel gear lubricants, about two barrels ( 36 l) Butter filling in 20 tons of the machine. Base on the side of the big arm cover plate to open check regularly, once found timely processing. 2. And turn on the big wheel on the frequency of inspection and replacement of the lubricating oil, slewing bearing advice once every 250 hours of lubrication, and preview at the same time, the up and down in the process also rotating machines, played a gun lubricating oil for every 15 degrees. Of course the use environment of each machine use frequency and intensity are different, moderate adjustment according to the lubrication cycle. Note also that the lubrication cycle cannot too short, otherwise the oil in bearing too much and it will be broken shield, caused the spill, at the same time there will be internal impurities in bearing, thus affect the normal use of the machine. 3. Excavator rotary motor in lubricating oil change frequency between the former two, serviced once every 1000 hours. Observe the amount of lubricating oil from the oil dipstick. When found to have abnormal situation, check for oil leaks. Completes the excavator slewing mechanism over parts of daily maintenance, and regularly check slewing bearing shield and gear ring bolt, if there is damage or loose. To find some and microscopic cracks in time, may be concealed by working process of the soil, but it is these small place is likely to result in the crack of the wheel of, influence the work efficiency of excavator and the service life of excavator slewing mechanism.
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