How many you can pass used market? — Excavator parts small make up

by:HMB     2021-01-14

from large and small industry conferences, and constantly disclosed equipment trading data, excavator attachments small make up is not hard to find, is today's construction machinery industry & other; After a storm comes a month throughout the Ming &; , momentum is filled. The used market transaction. There is demand, there is a deal; A deal, it is profitable; Advantage, there is a dispute, there is dispute, had belonged to the used phones.

in China engineering machinery market the stock of equipment under the background of close to 7. 5 million units, second-hand excavator accessories equipment circulation contains great value, also attracted all manner of small Angle higher-ups to carve up the market tide. Who is human nature, some people pay attention to jianghu moral, do the laptop component used to buy or sell, were but obsessed, desperate to stab in the back, also is not rare.

engineering machinery is different from consumer goods, high professional barriers, popular way & other; Throughout the depth of the water &; 。 For the average user, the good and evil people mixed up in the used equipment market, is to make their unarmed. Better an open enemy than a false friend, better an open enemy than a false friend, limping, a little injury in exchange for a good device also can forgive, excavator accessories manufacturers even everyone in trap on the river's lake road planted a big fall, even turning up all difficult.

in used river's lake, counterfeiting unruly wisdom is boundless, but doesn't necessarily understand the eating melon the eyes of the masses. So many highly bait-and-switch routines, literally a can let you on the way.

excavator attachments appearance refurbish

this is an entry-level used jianghu legerdemain.

the vehicle cleaning: 5 bottles of Mr Wham, smeary go without a trace, superior deceive people.

body welding repair: after cosmetic surgery is a tragic hero.

body painting again, also can according to the table to show the work hours? Do old, not a flaw.

hang sheep head sell vinegar

this is the legerdemain of cost is higher.

are replaced with domestic and imported excavator parts: there are obvious characteristics of the core part is to say, and for the other parts are replaced, jianghu novice which have the critical?

replace nameplate: change the identity have act young capital. A smoke screen

this kind of legerdemain generally unable to verify.

to conceal maintenance: after heavy snowfall in like the earth, all excavator accessories maintenance traces and damaged traces are covered.

the table ( Engine working hours) : in general, the smaller tables show hours, equipment is young, energetic, can be qualified. So let lost their selfish interests being will use technology to put the equipment show hours back, fetch a high price for equipment, coupled with the new-look paint, is perfect.

the trading of used flawed lies in a regularized, when 'ecomax' people daring profiteer will source equipment, state ownership of the equipment, equipment testing, after-sales service, and many other trade links, forming a closed loop, seemingly intact you entered his illusion, unable to escape, until to compensate. Can only blame acting too seriously, the theatre into play too deep. What's more, the agent will be on the way of the profiteers.

warm-hearted excavator parts small make up to sprout new offering a lot of the river's lake of fraud detection kit, the so-called & other; See the following instead used ten BaShi fraud prevention & throughout; And the like. But for runescape novice, these kits useful? How many some useful, he can make you feel like a operatives, in addition to no use. While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs while the priest climbs a post, and lets you easily see through fraud being afraid would have starved to death. Others say might as well get a operatives tomorrow-because with, but Hun words to say well, & other; In the river's lake float, who can not get knife? ” , it's to planted, you lose money, the somebody else is just a little bit of mind and your breath.

the current domestic used market environment sinister, & other; The depth of the water hole big & throughout; , in fact is not suitable for general users make, information asymmetry, without integrity, top, opaque, not a fix for hundreds of years old can't do. Excavator accessories manufacturers, therefore, to remind the little xia walk river's lake to a lot of attention, proceed with caution. At the same time, the river's lake various also should clean up the order as soon as possible, supporting, and industry to upright.

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